Denver 30: 3

November 3rd

Denver 30: 3

Denver’s first train station was built in 1868 to allow service to Cheyenne, Wy. In 1880, Union Station was built to combine several rail lines. Today, Amtrack and light rail have been added to the mix.

Denver 30: 3

When I was first finding my bearings in Denver, I knew if I found myself near Union Station, I was in LoDo, near the stadium. I’d love to take a train ride this winter; I hear there is a fun day trip from downtown to the mountains.



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  1. Have you seen the old photos of Union Station when there was the arch in front of it (across the street I think) that said “Welcome to Denver”? I understand there is a movement afoot to restore that arche & I think it would be awesome!

  2. Train rides are the BEST.