Denver 30: 30

30! We made it! 30 days of photographs, which if you’d like a stroll down memory lane can be found here.


For my final day of photographing this sweet town, I’d like to celebrate Evergreen — my favorite spot to get away. It’s higher in elevation and reminds me a bit of a tiny Flagstaff.


There is a great coffee shop, a fantastic trail around a lake, and countless elk that wander the town. The last two trips to Evergreen I’ve seen herds. This weekend? Some 30 were wandering the road. I’m pretty sure they will always startle me and make Nelson go bananas.


Deers? Elks? Did someone say D’ELKS? DELICIOUS!

Also, there are a lot of famous folk from Evergreen. Even my buddy Willie Nelson apparently had a ranch here for a bit. We have good taste.




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  1. Total one off, but how’s that Easy Walk harness working out for you and Nels? Meanwhile – can we go to Evergreen when I’m in town? It sounds loverly. Deer and elk including, of course.

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