Do These Pearls Match my Helmet?

September 22nd

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From my happy weekend perch on the couch, I can see a stack of new fabrics from SewMamaSew that are keeping me highly entertained, the felted cap and supplies for another Nudu cap — fulfilling my first custom knitting order, a freshly baked apple crisp and two dozen chocolate cupcakes headed to a church Katrina fundraiser, and my sweet bike Ruby. Ruby and I went on a 41 mile date this morning, during which I fell in love, yet again, with the open road. There is nothing like a lengthy bike ride to give you time to think (and focus on not falling.)
Last night at happy hour, I had a chance to catch up with one of my childhood best friends, Rebecca. I complained that as of late I’ve felt a bit isolated in social circles, and pegged as the square June Cleaver. She laughed, looked at me with kindness in her eyes and said gently, “Um, Kell. You’re the June Cleaver in our group too.”
I’ve never been one to be terribly concerned with what others thought, but everyone has a tender spot. My interests, including loving my work, exercise and faith, often make me the odd duck and subject to constant jest. I’m trying to have thicker skin, but this week was a true test of patience. What would Elle Woods do? She’d laugh at these June jokes, put on some pink, jump in her cute car and come up with a plan to make them all gawk at her success. June today, Elle tomorrow. Watch out!


P.S. What do you want to bet once the Beave went off to school, good ole’ June pulled out the pinot grigio and made house work a bit of swishy fun, pearls and all?

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  1. Awww Miss Kelli. I hear you – the grannie knitting comment you made the other day struck a chord with me too! My friends made fun until I made something for their babies! If it helps, I think you are a wonderfully thoughtful person whose kindness and creativity are making amaazing waves in the world. Not many people I can say that about! And really – what was wrong with June anyhow? Everyone loves the girl with the food (or at least that’s what I’ve found). πŸ™‚

  2. The thought of June Cleaver drinking Pinot as she did housework just made water come out my nose…

    Besides, i always thought June was a pretty terrific looking woman. Ward did damn well for himself, the smug bastard.

  3. Are you kidding me? Seriously?! That reading of you totally lacks imagination. I love your DIY ethic – and the way you share your creative work (with friends, with the world, and with us blog readers) is totally admirable. And, hello? I’m pretty sure June Cleaver never did a 1/2 Ironman triathlon. You rock, and you inspire me every time I visit your blog.

  4. Well at least you’re June, I’m Granny (though only 35). I sew, I bake, I can vegetables and I can fix anything. I’m into my church community. Not what the typical 35 y.o. finds interesting. But it makes me happy. And if I’m sometimes the ethical voice of reason, then so be it. I think more people need to hear that these days. If you’re happy with who you are, don’t change a thing. I think you’re awesome!

  5. And what would the Cleavers do without June? There’s a whole world of us out there, Kelli. Fear not, you’re not the only one. πŸ™‚ Too bad we’re not closer so we could sip pinot & knit, sew or bake together! Sounds like fun to me!!

  6. Hey, take it as a compliment: For the times, ol’ June was a stylish and accomplished homemaker. You’ve upped the ante by bringing her into the 21st century with travel, a unique career, and all of your other interests, although for all we know Mrs. C was getting all the other women on her block to trade their bridge parties for yoga classes. There’s a lot we don’t know about her day…. πŸ˜‰

  7. Hi, Kelli:

    We could all stand to have a few more June Cleavers in our social circles and society in general. As people get more and more selfish, it’s nice to still see people out there giving and sacrificing all with a smile on their face knowing that THEY are on the receiving end rather than the giving end.

    As someone who has done mission work for the Christian church out in the great big world, it changes a person — and it SHOULD and it maybe sets you apart a little from everybody else….but ultimately you wouldn’t have it (or you) any other way, would you?

    Always, always in your corner,


  8. A modern June is definitely hipper than old school June. You’re good to yourself and others. That’s all that matters. πŸ™‚

  9. You’re a good person – that’s obvious from your blog, and I’ve never met you. So, I’m sure you’re even more fantastic in person. Your friends know that, and that’s why you’re the June Cleaver. It’s a good thing.

    Speaking of good things, my friends all think I’m the Martha Stewart of the bunch. They’re all amazed when they find out how domestic I really am. haha. It’s our quirks that make us so beautiful, Kelli. Without them, we’d all be incredibly boring.

  10. I found a newspaper article that my grandma had saved from the ‘June Cleaver era’. It was a dear Abby in which someone admitted that she cleaned the house naked. I think the clothes of the day were less conducive to housework. Lots of women wrote in that they did the same thing.

    So, I think that not only was June drinking the pinot grigio, but she was wearing the pearls and nothing else!

    I want to tell you that I think it’s cool that you are the way you are (that’s why I read your blog, after-all), but I’m a geek myself, so my words would probably be of little comfort. Last night I went to a high school football game in a big, dorky (and super comfy) sweater and knitted a scarf.

  11. And just so you know, I have your blog categorized on my Google reader under the “Everything” category, not just crafting.

    You are really so inspiring!

  12. That SewMamaSew site is fabulous!
    Makes me wish I were more crafty… The patterns are soooo lovely…
    Took a look at the handknitted hat… absolutely beautiful.
    June Cleaver rocks… πŸ˜‰

  13. June, schmoon, Bet you’ve NEVER asked the stupid questions SHE did. “Ward, what should I think?” I much prefer Margaret Anderson of Father Knows Best. Now there was a woman who could look cute in dirty capris and her hair in a bandanna, and was not afraid to get grouchy if the situation called for it. SHE would have done a triathalon in a heartbeat! lol

  14. You are a fantastic beautiful person–inside and out. And all you have to be, regardless of what anyone else wants to label you, is yourself. I quite admire you and feel blessed to have you as a friend.

  15. I know how you feel too, and apparently there’s a lot of people that do! I actually get poked fun at more by my in-laws, older co workers, and elders in general than by my peers and friends! Pretty ironic. The baby boomers kind of rebelled from all that home-y stuff and they find it highly dorky and quaint that I do things my grandparents do. My husband’s parents think it’s almost sad that I enjoy relaxing at home, knitting, reading, sewing, hiking, and baking and that Joe enjoys riding his bike and working on bikes. Oh well!
    I don’t fit in with people who “party” every weekend or people that drink a lot (I drink a little). But I can’t look to others to find value in the things I enjoy! I wish all we crafters could hang out more often…we know how awesome we really are!

  16. P.S. My apologies to any baby boomers reading my comment…it’s just been my general experience with this age group when they find out I knit and bake pie from scratch. Sorry! Maybe it’s just the baby boomers in California. πŸ˜‰

  17. I’m square, too. There’s a lot of us out here, and many of the wild ones envy us our stability. πŸ™‚ Frankly I really admire the June thing as I am not at all domestic – can’t sew worth a darn, don’t really like cooking, and pretty much just give friends money when they have babies. Each to their own strengths, I say. This world is big enough for all kinds of people, and I’m glad you’re in it.

    ps. I agree with Wendy that June probably cleaned house in the nude.

  18. oh sweetie… i never think of myself as square, but let me tell you that having a sewing machine in law school, when my 21-year-old colleagues are drinking themselves sick and i’m quilting, is a bit… interesting πŸ™‚ i have been id’d as a freak more than once. i’m okay with it though… i have better pillows than they do πŸ™‚

  19. Unfortunately, labels tend to simplify the complex individuals that we all are. Why do we do that to each other?

  20. I love that you just referenced Legally Blonde! Don’t worry, my husband’s been teasing me lately that if I’m a character from the Office, it’s Angela. Grrrreat. =)

  21. Too bad there isn’t a family sitcom with a role model such as yourself. Think about how many girls would be empowered to see a woman biker, baker, advocate, athlete, world traveler, word smith, swimmer, sewer! June would have killed to have all of your opportunities!

  22. Oh Kelli, I think you’re in good company! Seems that there are a lot of us “square June Cleaver” types in blogland. Personally, I like to sew, cook and bake, which makes me a bit of an oddity in my social circle. Funny, since we’re all stay-at-home moms! Just goes to show how different people are.

  23. I had to google June Cleaver and Elle Woods and came to the conclusion I’d much rather be a Cleaver! Domesticity is a good thing as long as it’s a deliberate choice. And I think your friends are selling you short if they’re implying that’s all you are. We all know there’s far more to you than that: I can’t imagine Juney traveling to Bolivia and eating Llama or taking part in a tri-athlon!

  24. I say embrace your inner June Cleaver!
    It’s not who you are but a part of you, just like you have the Elle Woods part. Also, you hardly seem square! My friends tease me for my quirky creative ventures or bouts of domesticity but I know they also love me for that too : )

  25. Hey Kel, specifically to what happened last week….
    I should have reminded you when we talked about that incident that I wrote about here.
    So you see, I totally understand being made fun of for not wanting to stay awake partying all night. I love getting up early. I feel bad for people who sleep until 10am and miss the best part of the day, when its all quiet and cool…

  26. And obviously I agreed with the understanding that it was a very watered down June Cleaver. My June has a very organized house, loves a good glass of wine, has an opinion, loves to have ironed clothes, and homemade goods. It is the idolized June, not the limiting, Little House on the Prarie June. πŸ˜‰

    And I meant it with all of the love in my heart.

  27. June Cleaver rocks! Much better to be her, than, say, the Britney Spears of the group.

    You’ll get the last laugh when you’re old and have flawless skin, flat abs, and mucho energy!

    (In my group, everyone makes fun of me because my house is insanely clean all the time…I soooo hear ya, lady!)

  28. Kelli,

    I think your love of your work, your faith and exercise contribute to an amazing person. Not an odd duck. Keep it up.

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