Document Duvet? Check.

January 22nd

in stitches, January

Dear Finny,
After a whirlwind weekend of rock climbing, biking and sewing (ha ha, I’m not kidding), guess what? I got the January In Stitches assignment completed. Viola — I present my document duvet and photo file in valentine colors no less. What do you think?
I agree with you — the grommet is not my favorite tool. But, I did figure it out and I am happy to have learned a new technique. I’ve added my photo to the flickr set. {If you are sewing along, feel free to drop yours in the set too.} Let’s pick a winner by January 31st. I’ll send out the prize this month. Deal? This is going to be such a good way to clean out my studio. I’ve got piles of fabric, yarn and ribbon that I’d love to send to a new home.
Now Miss Finny, since I picked this month’s project, it is your turn to pick February’s. I’ll select the theme. Sound good?


P.S. Tell that hubby of yours I say hello. Miss you both!

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20 Responses

  1. It turned out great! I guess I had better get started on mine.

  2. Didn’t this turn out just lovely? It’s truly gorgeous…

    Can’t wait to see what next month’s project is!

  3. Oooh la la! Toile! 🙂 Very cute indeed!

  4. Sarah HB January 22, 2007

    I do like the fabric. I think I eyed it at Joann’s and resisted!

  5. I love your projects, Kelli! They are ever so lovely. This stich-along has been so much fun; I would love to play again next month.

    Now that I’ve learned how to use the grommet tool (yes, it was a challenge), I’ve been grommeting everything in sight. I’m now making travel shoe bags and using grommets. I’ll have to photograph those and post them to my Flickr account. In the meantime, I did post a new project photographed in Tucson’s amazing snow adventure from last night. Did it snow where you are, too? It’s a flabbergasting event for Tucson.

  6. Wow! It looks fab! Of course I can’t follow directions so I’m working on a different doc file closure – because I’m not buying one more new thing – this week.


  7. Great fabric choice!! I love the toile[?] with the red. So pretty!!!

  8. these are both gorgeous! i need to get on the ball…

  9. very nice! love the fabrics.

  10. ok, i’m not a fan of toile, but this looks fantastic. love the colors you chose! nice work.

  11. These look great!

  12. I wish I could be so crafty! Those are VERY nice!

  13. I like it! I need to start working on mine.

  14. Very nice!! I love the toile and the red together. Mine are almost completed – I made two matching document duvets – one to keep and one for the gift stash – but darn it to hell if I can’t find my grommets and setter. The spot where they are supposed to be is mysteriously empty. SO I will dummy them up for their photo shoot and then continue on my search for the missing tool:):)

  15. Those look beautiful! So chic! Well done you 🙂 I didn’t participate in this one. I don’t have the book, but maybe I should get it?? Hmm. You two are temptresses! (accomplished ones, but nonetheless temptresses!)

  16. oh how nice it turned out.
    i will have to look at all the lovely projects through blogs, since i cannot do any crafts for now. i do miss it.

  17. Kelli,
    I am so glad I came here, I got the book for Christmas but I have been lazy about starting anything. This is just the boost I need. I am rushing home after work to look up the directions. I have plenty of fabric in the stash, but no grommet maker. I am going to have to wait for a 40% off coupon. Hopefully, I can finish by the end of the month, only 8 days to go.

  18. Oooh I like your fabric. I am almost done mine – I just need to dig out some ribbon. Yours looks a little more polished than mine.

  19. Gorgeous, love the colour-combo!

  20. they turned out lovely! especially like the red and b/w contrast. pretty.