Domestic Barter

Frozen bananas for the bread

Bananas for the bread

Banana Bread

Nanner bread

When Austin brought me eggs earlier this week, I promised baked goods in return. Last night after a much needed girl’s outing to 4Peaks with (photo shy) Sheila, I aproned-up, starting with two loaves of banana bread.


Red velvet meets the African

Matt's first red velvet cupcake

Red Velvet

Tonight I have a fundraising event at a gallery in downtown Phoenix. The artist — an incredible photographer — has donated much of her time and supplies to help this organization. In turn, I’m helping bring food for cocktail hour. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting seem to always go over well. Matty had never had one and was very pleased with the bright red concoction.

Cookie dough is so tempting


Oatmeal chocolate chip

While the oven was on (and really on, thanks to a new breaker!), a couple dozen chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies made the menu too.

Tomorrow, I’m teaching a friend to bake bread. Sunday, I’m helping feed a sick friend. As my mom would say, two birds — one stone.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend,


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  1. Once again, our paths almost cross. I love eye lounge, it’s my favorite gallery…I had something shown at a fundraiser there a few years ago. If I didn’t have plans, I would come down tonight but I’ll probably go to First Friday in May and I’ll stop in and see your friend’s photos then–they look beautiful.

    And your baked goods–totally divine, as always. Googling Red Velvet Cake is how I found your blog in the first place.

    Good luck at your event. I love art openings. They’re certainly going to have yummy food tonight.

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