Domestic Disasters

Dear Fin,
Oy vey, oy vey, oy! What a ridiculous week of disasters it has been. First off, remember that nudu hat? The gray one that the minister in Chicago ordered and I finished lickity split? Well, I didn’t sent it with delivery confirmation because I’ve never had anything get lost in the mail. Before. Yep, I had to start over after the hat never arrived. I’m sure whomever received the hat found themselves tickled pink by their new gray dreaded accessory. Alas, this left me scrambling to fill the order again and I’ve thankfully just dropped this baby off in the mail. I kinda like it better in black anyway. Hopefully so does the customer. Fingers crossed this baby arrives in no time and the remaining fee comes my way pronto.

adios nudu

And the tunic. Thankfully my love for Amy Butler is well known around here because you’d never know by hearing the obscenities I’ve screamed her direction in the last week. Pattern sewing is just not my strong suit. I am not dramatizing this scene: me last weekend, sewing four hours on the tunic, trying desperately to finish it in time to meet a you’ll-be-able-to-wear-this-for-Easter promise I made Rebekah when I realized I’d sewn the yoke on incorrectly for the third time.

The Tunic that Nearly Killed Me

I didn’t even attempt to rip it out. I am just thankful I didn’t pull out my shears and make confetti of the entire project. I’m going to attempt to decipher the pattern and sew this top again this weekend. Poor Rebekkah had to find something else to wear to services tomorrow. {And if you have any gentle tips on what you think I may be doing wrong with the yoke, I’d be happy to hear them. That said, if you are going to forward me blogs where the seamstresses write, “Anna Tunic? So easy! One afternoon of skipping through the sewing and I wore it to dinner!” you might as well send me a barf bag too.}

As for that table runner? Haven’t even thought about it. I am guessing I’ll jump on that baby this weekend. I have to say, you paved your own way quite successfully on this project, didn’t you? Bravo!

Hope the Easter bunny brings you gobs of Reese’s eggs, my friend. Miss you, and oh how I could use your pattern-sewing and margarita-making skills right. about. now.


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  1. Bummer about that missing Nudu hat, I hope it is truly lost and someone didn’t steal it. Good luck with the top, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

    Happy Easter.

  2. the hat is adorable on you, I hope this one arrives safely!

    yokes are definitely no laughing matter (sorry!). I don’t usually sew wearable items, but I have encountered a yoke or two and sworn mightily. It is very confusing, but once you get the first one figured out you can see the method behind the madness. Are there more pieces to it than you think it should have? Does it ask you to sew stuff on upside-down and backwards?

  3. Man, it’s always the handmade stuff that goes missing. How do they know?

    Sewing patterns freak me right the f&*$ out, it’s a whole ‘nother language and way of looking at things. I’m trying to learn, trying to learn. Be more open and all that. I bought the simple gifts to stitch book after you mentioned it here and there’s a lot of stuff I can see making…and not having made any of it yet, what I really like is the lack of intimidating instruction. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Makes it easier to adapt things.

    And Bottega Veneta had a really cool dress on the back of the New Yorker a couple of weeks ago that is pintucks all over and I thought, ooh, I could make matching runners, placemats and party dress! Which is sheer silly martha madness, but I enjoy the thought.

  4. Kelli, I love your blog…I love also that you have the same taste in fabric as me, since I have that purple fabric too! Please keep us posted on your progress with the tunic, this is on my (looooong) list of things to make and I’d love to hear about your progress (the good and the bad)….keep it up and good luck!!!

  5. man, God was testing you this holy week huh?! i s.u.c.k at pattern swing. maybe because i never really learned how to sew right in the first place. happy easter dear friend!

  6. None of us are immune to disasters no matter how old we get. Today’s blueberry/raspberry pie was too juicy and ran all over the oven, the beet greens I was sauteing burned and the easter bread doesn’t look quite right. Bad day all around, oh yes…I sent a parcel to Greece two months ago and it still hasn’t arrived, such is life…Happy Easter…ciao

  7. That’s awful about the missing hat and then you had to scramble to make another! I don’t have that Amy Butler pattern you’re using so can’t help you on that but I had a similar sewing snafu last Thursday that left me scratching my head after a complete excursion through my curse word lexicon.

  8. Gotta tell you, i love the nudu hat in black better. Don’t think of the other one as wasted time, someone will enjoy it. You should make a blakc one for yourself, you look great in it.

  9. We love you, Kelli! Thank you for sharing your joys, triumphs, and struggles with us and letting us laugh and cry with you. Have a lovely Easter.

  10. Oh no! All that work lost to the post office! I usually get the delivery conf. because I find that things get there much faster. It’s sort of a cheaper rush delivery. Happy Easter!

  11. Bummer about the hat and tunic, Kelli. I have no advice about the tunic, I only buy really cheap patterns, but perhaps you could find an RTW tunic that’s similar, and see how its put together? Don’t let this discourage the garment sewing though, its such a fun journey!

  12. sucks that the USPS got you… but i do love the hat in black! maybe some kind soul will return the gray to you.

    i have to throw my 2 cents in on amy butler– i LOVE her stuff, i HATE following her patterns! i’m sorry! i know, seriously, a comment like that could get me throttled, but i just don’t think her instructions are very intuitive. i made the kimono from “in stitches” and thought, several times, i might kill the closest living thing, which was either cat or husband. on the other hand, i made my first dress last year on & breezed through it. i even made it in a day and wore it to dinner ๐Ÿ™‚

    i think you said earlier that you were just starting on sewing clothes? i found that once i made a few burda, simplicity & butterick patterns, amy’s language became clearer to me.

    i also found when making the eye pillow & bag, that if i closed my eyes, did not think, and did whatever amy’s pattern said, i got it right ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Oh dear, I was going to try the Anna tunic this spring. And I’m certain you are leagues above me in sewing skills. Bummer!

    And you are so pretty, Kelli, even in a Nudu cap!

  14. So sorry about the lost package – I always pass on the extras too. Might have to rethink my position.

    I am getting ready to cut out the fabric for my Anna Tunic. Hopefully all will be okay when I get around to sewing.

    Seems like last week was hard on everyone. I ended up with water in my basement from all the midwest rain and a smashed up bumper… I hope this week is far better for all of us!

  15. I think the hat looks great with the necklace! You may not have the tunic down, but it seems you can whip those hats out which is very cool!

  16. Well, that just sucks. The Nudu cap *and* the Anna Tunic debacle. I hope that baby comes together and you figure out what the weird issue was.

    In a weird S&M way, I kinda want to try it now just to see what the deal is. But then, I also don’t need any extra aggravation. We had another water pipe burst this weekend and I’m about OUT of patience.

    I’m so ready for our vacay.

  17. I’m catching up on your blog after being in FL for a week. I can’t believe you had to start over on the nudu cap! Geez!

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