March 6th

Finny’s nickname for me — Donk — is a shortened version of Donkey. In 8th grade, my last name was misprinted as “Donky” in the school year book. {The idiots couldn’t even spell donkey right.} If I had been a bit more spunky, I would have adopted the new nickname in stride and laughed it off. I would have tailored my student council campaigns with the donkey motto and worn a top hat to show my allegiance to Abe Lincoln.
Instead, for the next five years of public schooling, I was taunted by classmates and embarrassed beyond belief. Not a day went by in junior high when some ever-so-creative classmate saw me in the hall and didn’t bray like an ass. Truly.
When I got to college and met Finny, and her husband Bubba, I made the silly mistake of revealing this nickname only to have my new college friends adopt it. However, when they said it, it didn’t bother me. Suddenly “Donk” became something I loved.

I’ll let Finny tell you the roots of her nickname.

rock buns

These are another platter of “catnip for men” as I’ve coined them — Jane’s rock buns. One of my favorite recipes to bake. These signal spring to me in many ways. The sweet fruit, the bright zesty flavor from the lemon, the salty crunch. I took this platter of goodies to the kitchen staff who worked on my fundraiser last week. They stretched food to cover an additional 200 people and did so with a smile. I was overwhelmingly impressed.


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  1. That’s actually a cute story. (Well, I guess at the time it was happening you weren’t too thrilled with it.) It’s all a matter of who calls you that and how they do it. It’s obvious that Finny and Bubba are really good friends. 🙂

    My high school yearbook had my name mispelled on the embossed cover. Somehow they put down “Whee” as my last name. Oy, but what could I do? It was senior year and I wanted to have it autographed anyway. Funny how after all these years I only keep in touch with one of those people.

  2. I agree with Tami…that was a cute story 🙂

  3. What a funny little story, Kelli–not funny at the time naturally. My maiden name was Rapp and the school principal pronounced it as “Rape” in front of the whole school during an awards ceremony in 7th grade. I pretended it wasn’t me and wouldn’t go up and get the award. It was totally embarrassing.

    The Rock Buns sound fabulous. All these recipes you post are making me super popular in my whole neighborhood–it’s a fun way to get to know (and help) people by sharing food. I think it’s fabulous that you make things to show people you care for them and the wonderful things they do.

  4. Nothing is truly funny in Jr High when it is directed at you! 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my place today!

    Those cookies look good. I have a carnival, Make it From Scratch those would be perfect for should you care to enter.

  5. I never knew the history of Donk. Pretty funny. I believe either you or Jessica clued me in on Finny.

  6. Great story! Those rock buns look so yummy. I just printed out her recipe. What did you use for fruit in yours?

  7. HA! It’s finally out! People know the dark truth about The Donk. And now, to explain the roots of Finny…that ought to be interesting.

    Nice buns.

  8. Rebecca March 6, 2007

    I think we should post the picture and the caption underneath. While you are at it, go ahead and include the one with me and my fro-perm getting to lift the basketball nets for a school dance.

  9. those buns *do* look nice. And thanks for explaining your nickname. I’m sorry you had a rough time after the misspelling in high school. why is it that high school kids have no creativity when it comes to teasing?

  10. drool…i would love to see your version of the recipe.

    i love that your friendship with Finny inverted that whole experience. what a nice twist!

  11. i think donk is a great nickname. glad you wear it proudly nowadays. 🙂

    been wanting to try jane’s rockbuns, yours look soo yummy!

  12. I get called donkey a lot too. My last name, as you know is a bit odd….and the spell checker corrects it to donkey if you’ll let it. I think it’s funny now – but boy…if someone would have called me that in my youth, I would have crumpled up in a puddle of tears. 🙂

  13. these look and sound yummy!!!

  14. your story is hilarious (and a bit sad…kids are cruel)! i had a friend that used to call me donkey king b/c i accidentally sent a text message that said “it’s on like donkey king” instead of kong.

  15. So glad you were able to reclaim the name and can now wear it with pride!

    And so your friend, Finny, has a Bubba too?

  16. Yeah, knicknames are like that! BTW I got my purse yesterday! WOW!!! It’s so great! My husband loves it too. He said, wow that makes me want to go out to the beach! Now I have to tell you he has never said more than a grunt about any other purse! Thanks!

  17. donk…i mean kelli….sweet little story.

  18. How cute to find out the origins of nicknames! Can I just say that my name..Amanda has about a billion different potentials for nicknames, but none as sticky as when Bart Simpson called down to Moes Tavern and asked for Amanda? Amanda Hug and Kiss? and having Moe yell out..”I need Amanda Hugnkiss!” Is there “Amanda Hugnkiss here?”.. That nick name followed me through several moves and 3 different groups of friends. Tragic huh? On another note, I don’t think my maiden name was EVER spelled correctly in any sad.

  19. Ah, Donk is a cute name 🙂 Rock buns rock! I need to find people to give my baking to 🙂