Don’t Cry for Me, Arizona!

So, I made lemonade out of lemons and managed to accomplish a ridiculous amount of tasks without my sewing machine to keep me company. Also, after several generous offers for loaned machines (thanks, friends!), I’m picking up a loaner tonight. In the meantime…

2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted

Remember this little plot I cleared and bordered last weekend?

2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted 2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted

I stopped by Starbucks to pick up some warm grounds,

2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted

Pulled out my basic tools,

2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted

Swung through the local nursery,

2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted

And voila! Five tomato plants, three pepper plants and a dash of marigolds to keep away the bugs.

2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted

2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted

2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted

2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted

2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted

2-7-09: Front Veggie Garden Planted

Can you see the cute little copper signs in front of the plants? They were a birthday gift from my friend Elaina. With a bit of grease pencil calligraphy, they are currently labeling this sweet little plot.

It rained this morning as though Mother Nature was welcoming these new babies with open arms. If they are smart, they’ll soak up as much of the moisture and pleasant weather as they can. This plot is such a small accomplishment, and yet I’ve been talking, wishing and hoping for a vegetable garden for so long. I am certainly happy I finally got off my booty and made it happen.

Grow little plants, grow!


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  1. How exciting! I should swing by my starbucks to see if I can pick up the grounds. I’m totally jealous you’re planting tomatoes & peppers. I won’t be able to plant them here until april!

  2. Looks great Kelli! I should clear and replant my little flowerbed too. Right now, it’s totally overrun with Sweet Alyssum. Maybe I’ll put in some herbs.
    Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  3. I am sooo jealous! We still have tons of snow on the ground and won’t be able to plant until May! But I have already drawn a diagram of this year’s garden, and it involves strawberries and blueberries…lots of them.

  4. It looks beautiful! Clearing out all growth and prepping my garden soil is on my to-do list for the week. I can’t plant tomatoes until Mother’s Day, but at least I can start getting things ready. I am going to try to grow some peas and beans from seed…!

  5. So inspiring! Most of our snow melted this weekend and I started planning my little plot for this year also.

    Keep us posted on the progress please,and glad you didn’t let the broken sewing machine get you too down.

  6. Slugs love marigolds too. I don’t know if keeping away the slugs from your veggies was the goal or not by setting them up a “salad bar”, but if not…you can always deter them other ways.

    I planted marigolds onc year and well, they thought I’d planted it just for them. LOL. The leaf cutter ants, on the other hand, thought my sunflowers were planted on their behalf. Thankfully, sunflowers are strong things and didn’t seems to miss a few leaves.

  7. Congrats congrats, Donk! It looks lovely!

    And, yes, the rains have been very well timed this year. We planed a cherry tree on Saturday and it’s nearly rained ever since.

    That’s the best thing for new plants – fingers crossed!!

  8. Just seeing the tomato plants made my mouth water. I can’t wait for our tomato plant season. I think I could live on fresh tomatoes all year round. Enjoy your garden!

  9. Don’t forget to mulch the new veggie babies. Mulch will keep the roots cool and will keep the water in the soil from completely evaporating.

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