Don’t Wake Me

July 27th

I had the craziest dream last night — one for the memory books. (Or the blog, natch.) I went to a benefit concert for Africa as Angelina and Brad’s guest.
That Angelina and Brad.
I remember arriving at the gates and having Brad recognize me and escort me backstage — much to my friend’s shock — only to throw my arms around Angelina. She was so happy to see me! And I kept telling them, “I’m just so happy you guys are happy. I mean after the scandal and all, you look great.” We talked Africa and strategies for ending global poverty and it was such fun to hang out with them.

[Note to self: Less US Weekly. More National Geographic.]

As if this dream wasn’t strange enough, when I woke up, I also remembered going to a salon and requesting a “Shaggy bob. Just take off the bottom part. It’s too hot.”

New hair, front2

Then I ran my fingers through my hair and remember that wasn’t the dream. Pretty sure I never uttered “Dorothy Hamil,” but it’s okay. It certainly is cooler, although I do feel like I’m living a “Not Dudley Moore! I said Demi Moore!” moment.


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  1. Oh good grief. I think its totally adorable! And I’m telling you, after this week I’m ready to chop off my hair as well. I was actually just looking in the mirror yesterday thinking how out of control my hair is right now. If only mine grew as fast as yours does… I’d cut it short all the time!

  2. bwahhahahaha…you are so funny! Seriously this coming from the person who stalks the mailman for my People mag subscription. Snort. LOVE the do. I am growing mine out but I must be mad…I pull it up every day. It’s just too hot here to have long hair!

  3. your hair is cute!!

    i’m laughing at the Dudley Moore/Demi Moore comment. i know your reference (and i think i may have used it, too, when Spenser was “Cuddly More”)

  4. I love your new haircut- you look great! And I didn’t comment yesterday, but that was a great discussion about food and I applaud you for bringing up ‘tricky’ topics on your blog- go Kelli!

  5. OH! I think it’s too cute! A great cut – especially for the summer!

  6. Awesome new ‘do! I am growing mine out for the wedding but seem to be putting it up everyday to get it off my neck. TOO HOT!

    Your dream rocked! I have been having crazy dreams of late too that are incredibly real and very weird and feature many friends from near and far. But never Brad Pitt D*mmit!

  7. i think it looks great. not dudley moore at all. the bangs are very cool.

  8. cute hair! and what a funny dream!

  9. Sarah HB July 27, 2006

    Looks great Kelli!

  10. you are killing me! I’m having a much needed laugh 🙂 your hair is adorable!

  11. I see a few jessica’s responding here.
    Oh you are so funny with your dream. That was fun.
    I have been putting my hair up, it is definitely hot.

  12. You look so great…I need a haircut desperately.

    How do you think Angelina stays cool with all of that long, flowing hair? Ask her the next time you see her 😉

  13. you look very beautiful! adorable…

    my hair it’s so sloooooow for grow… (crece lento… jejeje, no se como se dice =))

    y tu sue√±o fue muy chistoso, yo nunca recuerdo lo que sue√±o…

  14. what a cutie! lovely glossy hair. i’m glad i don’t dream about celebrities. mine are weird enough without those kinds of folks dropping in.

  15. You do NOT look like Dudley Moore! So cute! I’ve been debating about chopping my hair. But it is just easier to put it in a ponytail. 🙂

  16. Gracie July 28, 2006

    You look really lovely with the new haircut!! About you dream, well, I dream about Brad with my eyes wide open, what do you think?

  17. Ah, I see that you are another Friends fiend. 🙂

    But seriously, that’s a cute haircut. It doesn’t look like Dorothy Hamil at all. I hope it keeps you cool in the heat. I’ve been wearing mine up in one of those butterfly clips, but this Saturday I hope to get a little cooler.

  18. YOur teeth are wonderfully white and in line!!!! Sounds like a wonderful dream…

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