Don’t You Honk at Me

Taxi tote #4

Taxi tote #4

Trying to model the tote

Wrapped, ready for delivery

The final Taxi Tote completed and ready to be sent off to its recipient. Yahoo! I am glad I pushed myself to learn how to sew bias tape. And I’m thankful for your patience in reading about this silly theme for nearly a month. I think improving in sewing, like many other hobbies, is truly just a matter of patience. The more you are willing to give, the better the result.

Patience is one of those characteristics that doesn’t come easy to me. My mother? She regularly detangles my jewlery box and can sit, binding a quilt by hand, for hours in sheer happiness. My father? Yes, well. Let’s just say I have his passionate Irish temper. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen him angry, but it hasn’t been pretty. I’m not terribly attractive when I lose my patience either. As for the headline, one of the easiest ways to piss me off is to honk at me in traffic. I’m not a great driver, but I am also not in your way.

So there!

Happy Friday peeps!


13 Replies to “Don’t You Honk at Me”

  1. That bag is so sunshiney! I might have to take a stab at one of these totes, now that I’ve seen all the ways you’ve made them. Really, so so cute.

    And such nice work on the bias binding. 🙂

  2. Uh, I can’t even IMAGINE your dad angry.
    When someone honks or flips me off, I do my best to say to myself “That person’s just having a bad day, and since I’m having a good one, I’m going to take credit for helping that sad person release a little bit of their anger. Hope they feel better.”

  3. oh those bags are the coolest! LOVE THEM>>>> I had someone honk at the poor lady in front of me and then he got out and started yelling at her for not going. She couldn’t see and I felt so sorry for her. So to the man who was furious, come on what’s another 5 minutes of your life. Enjoy the weather, roll down your window. We had a clear shot of the moon. I mean was it really worth all that. I guess I need to blog. LOL Sorry.

  4. Each have turned out better and better Kelli. Love the sunshine feel to this one. I don’t like people honking at me when I am driving either. When we first moved to this area every time I would slow down at a yellow light to prepare to stop for the red light, people would honk at me (I mean lay on the horn) and flash me the finger gesture. Here, most people just keep driving through yellow lights and when it turns red at least one person goes on through too. When I am in a hurry and don’t slow down for a yellow light, I always say to myself, “Well, you are in the Capitol city!” Then I look in my rearview mirror and watch a line of cars go right on through behind me. Shaking my head……

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