Driving Miss Cupcake

February 17th

I am not the most patient driver. This is one of many things I’m working on. I have the tendency to tailgate and to drive way too fast. I am constantly reminded that this is a foolish way to drive and I need to change my ways. Yesterday was the perfect example.

100 cupcakes

I’m cruising down the freeway, trying to get to a surprise birthday party for my friend Ann before she walked in the door. I’d baked for the masses and had two platters full of iced cupcakes in my car — one on the front seat, one on the back.
Can you see where this story is going? I took an off ramp on to another highway, only to be dropped down into a huge mess of unexpected traffic. I hit my brakes and the cupcakes went flying. I have bits of chocolate frosting, coconut and cream cheese all over my car — a sweet reminder to slow down! Thankfully, they weren’t ruined and I got to the party in time to make the surprise, with most of the baked goods in tow.

swing bag

I thought Ann should have a rockin’ 30th birthday bag too. She isn’t really the “pursey” type, but I think she’ll dig the simplicity of this fabric and design.

matching wristlet, key chain

Again, it is an Amy Butler swing bag. I used fabric from Ikea that I just love and lined it with a bright red cotton. I got the idea for the key chain from Autum. Great tutorial!

Driving a bit slower,

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17 Responses

  1. Cute bag…is that linen??

    Where do you get your fabric???

    Like the key chain too.

  2. Dear Ms. Cupcake – Please slow down! 🙂
    P.S. The bag is really sweet too!

  3. It’s a great bag and I bet she loves it!

    I’m the opposite in terms of driving–I am one of those drivers everyone hates because I look both ways about 40 times, obey the speed limit, never-ever tailgate and hate anyone getting in my safety zone between cars, and I always drive in the lane easiest for turning (if I have to turn left 75 miles from wherever I am, I’ll drive in the left lane). My husband gets so stressed when I drive. I always tell him that I’ve been driving for 39 years now and have a spotless driving record, so he should be grateful–but he never is.

  4. Sorry to hear about your traffic woes. I spent yesterday evening in traffic for 3+ hours leaving D.C. to head home. I guess it was a mixture of regular traffic and holiday traffic for the weekend. I had to keep myself patient, which is not one of my virtues!

  5. The bag and keychain rock my toes, and I am thrilled to hear that the cupcakes were saved! Nothing makes me sadder then hearing about innocent cupcakes brought down in the prime of their lives.

  6. Glad the cupcakes survived the trip 🙂
    That is one fabulous bag…great fabric & such a perfect gift.

  7. Hi Kelli-

    Traffic was miserable yesterday here in L.A., too! My daughter thinks the heavy crush was a result of the “Friday before a three day weekend” phenominum. Too bad we weren’t going somewhere fun!

    Loved the handbag and the small purses. I notice you put your logo/name on your projects. I just completed a little horse quilt for my niece; people have been suggesting I put on a label. Where can I order nice little tags like yours? -Tina

  8. You must have got caught in the terrible accident on I-10. The traffic was backed up for 10 miles in both directions for 3 hours. Slow down girl! It only takes a split second for something life changing to happen.

  9. Well, it was a gentle reminder in terms of what might have been, but why do these things always seem to happen with *frosted* goods? That’s been my experience, at least.

    I think even a non-pursey person would love that bag – good choice.

  10. Really great looking bag…love the design.

  11. Oh Miss Kelli – I know this issue all too well. My friends are always getting cell phone messages in which I am unconsciously yelling at people (I’m never rude to them outright though ;)). I have often had that “flying food” problem. I’m trying to imagine a small child in my car each time I drive.
    I love the bag too – subtle and sophisticated…..yet fun! 🙂

  12. I understand you perfectly well, I have the tendency to push a little hard sometime, then I remind myself I have a nice girl at home and that I really want to see her grow up, so I slow down!

  13. super, super cute bag.

    and those cupcakes look devine.

    i’m exactly like you with the driving…eek! got a ticket last week coming back to work from jury duty. 81 in a 55.

    my hubby cop wasn’t too happy about it 😉

  14. Oh my goodness! I’m sure the cupcakes still tasted yummy. And that bag – so cute!!

  15. I stopped tailgating ages ago after near miss. With our winter weather it’s really a bad idea anyway…love those cupcakes i’m sure they were delicious…ciao

  16. well you got your sweet message on driving safer. that is a good thing.

    what a great looking bag, nice fabric.

  17. I LOVE THE FABRIC. Enough said.