October 16th

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I am redecorating my home this month; while I have dreams of new furniture delivered in trucks in complete pieces that are gently placed in just the right spot, let’s be honest. I think I’ll be in the damn nordic screwdriver/chest of drawers in a box category for a few  more years.  With Matt gone, I’ve got a bit more space than normal and I go through purging and cleaning cycles seasonally. The off-white couch is taking a tinge of gray, thanks to years of use and its original hand-me-down status. It’s headed for the freecycle curb this afternoon. A few other things are being removed and simplified too. But more than anything, I’m finally quite sick of the mask and African decor. It’s only taken 10 years, but I am tired of looking at the relics I’ve collected from around the world startling me every time I get up in the night to use the bathroom.

You’d think I’d get used to it. Wrong.They are scary every. single. time.

So, with these Ethan Allen dreams and Target budget I am looking to repurpose a few things (pushing together tables to make a bookcase, reorganizing the kitchen and using the good China — a Dutch yard sale find — as regular everyday ware) and purchase a few select items too. I’ve long been in love with these WPA art posters. Have you seen them? They are the creations of artists during the Great Depression. Not surprisingly, two of their greatest influences (and greatest artists at the time) were Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Some of the posters are silly. Some are gorgeous. Some are racially horrific. * All tell a story of where our country was during one of our hardest times. So yes, my splurge includes a few of these beauties that I hope to have framed.

Amazing how a new splash of color here, a lot less junk there and a good cleaning will make my little place seem new again. Of course I’ll chronicle this nonsense with my camera as it all unfolds. Is there anything crafty/thrifty/creative you are doing in your home to make do and feel stylish?


*I’m not buying any of these with racial slurs, but wouldn’t the syphllis poster be funny in the guest bathroom?

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  1. Love it! Nothing like creating a brand new look with what you’ve got! Need to see pictures when it’s all done 😉

  2. Good idea! (I should take some pics of my de-cluttering!) I have boxed up a whole box of pic frames. Have a need for some? One is a cute wine bottle. Need to get rid of LOTS of my stuff. Have a load to take and donate this weekend!

  3. Our garage really needs a good sort and purge. We also have boxes of games that we never unpacked from our move, and that need sorting and a place in our house. My husband is talking a kitchen re-org, too. I dream of a new couch and comfy reading chair, but will wait till tax refund time for that. I love de-cluttering and using what you have in a new way – pictures!! 🙂

  4. I love thrift stores or craigslist.org for a cheap way to spruce up the home, I managed to score the couch of my dreams one Saturday by browsing the free listings, it was like it was meant to be! New fabric for throw pillows, some freshly framed art and the room looks new! Have fun!

  5. I’m considerably older than you and still buying furniture with “assembly required.” Ugh. I’d like to buy a bunch of real furniture someday, too. Right now, our stuff is old and tired-looking and cat-clawed-up…always a nice look. This weekend, I’m working on my front porch and back patio. I bought a too-expensive metal bench today at Baker’s Nursery and some Rustoleum paint for a metal table I have. Our poor 60 year old house could use some major renos but a little sprucing up is all it’s going to get for awhile. It always makes you feel better, though, to have a few nice, new things interspersed so I’m sort of excited about what I may get done this weekend.

  6. This winter my husband has subscribed again to see football matches on sunday afternoons (any other week) so I’m planning lots of domestic stuff to fullfill all this alone time, like decorating a little bit my kitchen moving things around on the living room and on the walls….