eBay As A Form of Environmentalism

January 3rd

What is it about January that makes us all crazy about changing our lives? I jumped on the resolution train with a first class ticket, so I’m just as guilty as everyone else. I even got on the scale at the gym this morning. And took a couple huge bags of clothing to Goodwill. I’m sorting, resolving and cleaning like a maniac with the best of you. But you know that one resolution I made? The one where I said I was going to use what I had more and buy less? Well, I’m making one caveat.
eBay doesn’t count.
I am officially ruling eBay (pretty much my second favorite store next to Tarjay) a form of social environmentalism. It’s somebody’s trash is another man’s treasure come to life. For example, this bag?


Yep. I really shouldn’t spend $100 on it. I don’t need it, but wow. The birds? The brown? I’m kind of in love. Even though I’ve got an REI gift card burning a hole in my pocket, I’m not buying this cutesty bird bag. I’m not. (The only thing girlier in the entire store? The pink Nalgene that’s currently sitting on my desk.)

But if I were to find one on eBay for a fraction of the price? Well, that’s just smart investing.


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  1. Sarah HB January 3, 2007

    They sell really comfortable shoes at REI!

    Love the bag…I am bag-aholic too.

  2. love the bag too. jason has a timbuktu one that he loves.

  3. Ok, that bag is too cute to be ignored. Good for you on having some will power! πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve been doing a lot of sorting/cleaning/organizing too. And selling things on craigslist!

    Happy Happy New Year!

  5. I love ebay and even better craigslist!

  6. I go back and forth about online shopping in general — I like the idea of taking thrifting to a global level, and I DID partly pay for a new bed by selling stuff on amazon, but… I sometimes get bummed at all the transportation energy squandered. All that shipping! All those planes and trucks whizzing around!

    [Shopping As Existential Crisis, Part 3,985,172]

  7. Super cute bag! If it’s meant to be… it will show up on eBay πŸ™‚

  8. The bag is awesome!

  9. I like it! And yes, I have to confess….. bags and shoes are my obsession!

  10. The bag is too cute birds and all…..HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  11. that bag is super cute. kudos to you on the restraint. but i agree, if you find it on ebay, then its not the same. i mean isn’t ebay kinda like recycling? πŸ˜‰

  12. eBay is essentially a virtual garage sale, so I say it doesn’t count! πŸ™‚ Don’t laugh, but what’s REI?

  13. Of course, a lot of stuff on eBay is brand spankin’ new but still sold for a fraction of the price. You can still call it recycling if you want. I call it awesome.

  14. resisting the charms of this bag would be difficult for me, too. and a bargain? oh, you can’t beat that!

  15. the bag is adorable. I’d have a hard time holding back. Kelli, I assume it’s you who’s been commenting so frequently on http://littleshika.blogspot.com, but i can’t be sure because blogger is a pain in the neck and won’t link me to your profile or site or anything. Anyway, i wanted to say thanks & happy new year~

  16. I have the pink Nalgene bottle too. I heart it.

  17. Cute bag! If I was going to spend the $100 on a bag it would be a CourierWear bag. http://www.courierwareusa.com/ I purchased mine over 13 years ago and still wear it almost every day! It’s also the reason I don’t purchase any new bags since I have this great CW bag that still works and looks great. That is “buing less” right? πŸ™‚

  18. I highly recommend the bag. I have one in basic black and it is sturdy, comfortable and wipes up great. It is an investment that I use almost every single day. Plus, you can strap it around you (if it is like mine) while you ride Ruby.

  19. Not to be an instigator – but that’s one cute bag. And I am a huge fan of Timbuktu (got Bubba a laptop bag there for the last Father’s Day….)

    You’ve just voiced one of my favorite strategies… I often find shoes that I want at Nordstrom’s – but I don’t want to pay the Nordstrom price! I set up a search at eBay, and if they come up for sale, I assume that the universe thinks that I am meant to have them πŸ™‚

    Happy bird bag….

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