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November 2nd


Woo hoo! Look what I found for $5 on eBay yesterday?I’ll hopefully have it up by the end of the weekend and will be able to give my aging dryer a break. I’m a woman who loves a bargain and recycling. A great find!

Is there anything you are currently “junking” for? I’m looking for a better way to store my spices. I don’t want an official spice rack, but the jars and containers in the cupboard above my stove need some attention. I’d like some sort of long, narrow box with pretty jars that I can label. Ideas?


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  1. Some times ago I bought in a little antique market some glass jars from an old food store, and I store mine in them, when I open my cupboard they’re all in line like little soldiers….

  2. WOW!! first in commenting a post!!!

  3. Kel, this is an ADORABLE idea. This lady put them in containers, stuck a magnet on the back, and threw ’em on the fridge. http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic%3D18288.0

  4. Very retro, lady! I like. And, welcome to the hanging your clothes club! Lucky you, AZ girl… I’m going into the Roman winter when I’m gonna have to drape my poor socks over the radiator…SO not fun! (#1 item I miss is definitely the dryer)

  5. I’m with atpanda. We got the spice jars like these ones: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=13335672 but without the metal strip. They’re cheaper that way, they already have the magnet on and you can fill them with your own spices instead of the ones in the set. Our fridge is right next to the stove, so they’re stuck on there with cute labels and always handy (and not taking up valuable shelf space)

  6. I love hanging my clothes out to dry (well, not towels & NOT jeans – ick) but it doesn’t work too well in the winter. I love it when spring rolls around and I put my sheets out there for the first time. Smells so good and is earth-friendly too!

    (My spices are in a shambles….doh)

  7. I love the retro look of the clothesline!

  8. Michelle November 2, 2006

    what about IKEA?? They have a ton of little jar type things.

  9. Crate and Barrel has those kinds of containers…small, clear with a stainless top and little labels to stick on the top. SO cute.

    I’m hunting for a glass vintage butter dish.

  10. There’s nothing like a clothesline! Great deal Kelli!!

  11. I don’t know if I’ve ever commented so that you might know that I stalk your blog. But, I love the clothes line, and am looking for something similar.

    I also have my spices labeled in cool and different jars, stored in a round glass container which sits next to my stove. All from Cost Plus World Market, for cheap, cheap, cheap….

  12. You might want to look at Ikea. I wanted to put a metal strip under my cabinets & put my scrapbooking embellishments in jars with metal lids that would just hold up there. Maybe you could do the same thing. I desperately need to go thrift shopping for a vintage Christmas swap I’m in. Sadly we do not have many cool resources (that I know of) around here! UGH

  13. for spices i use one of those step-things. they look like bleachers/risers, are made out of plastic, and it works for me.

  14. Hey Kel,

    I have loved flipping through the PB catalog this season, and actually noticed a few spice soluctions I really like!

    For cute little jars on shelves:


    They also have a really cute stainless backsplash thing that you can stick the magnetic jars on.

    Happy hunting!

  15. that is so so incredibly cool. i love ebay. I’m “junking” for an old (i.e. cheap) dress form. I’ve never started a christmas list this early, but yeah, that’s totally going on it.

    erm, spice storage is a tough one. I like to keep mine covered cuz I hate it when the bottles get dusty. (i guess i could use them more often and then they wouldn’t get dusty, but, well, that’s not gonna happen) Watchmakers cases are one idea. Lee Valley has some great ones. http://www.leevalley.com/wood/page.aspx?c=2&p=44948&cat=1,43326

    i love these little tins. maybe not airtight though, so maybe not for spices…

  16. Two words: Lazy Susan!
    actually four words: Double Decker Lazy Susan!

  17. I’m so dull compared to most of these ideas. I have a boring little rack with a few bottles in and the rest stuffed away in the cabinet. Part of the reason is that we haven’t painted the walls yet so I’ve delayed finding a proper place for the spices. I did find the other day, two thin shelves to hang above the stove. Since the walls are going to be green I’ll probably paint the shelves pink. I pick up most of my bottles at thrift stores. I usually keep a list in my head of what I am looking for. Sometimes I find it before I realize I needed something. I love when that happens. That laundry line is really cool. I love buying and selling on eBay. If you ever need help selling on there, let me know. (in case you don’t already)

  18. Loving that clothesline! When we were little, as long it wasn’t freezing (literally) my mom hung EVERYTHING, including each little sock. Painstaking if you ask me, but I do hang most everything big. If I didn’t, my pants would be too short! It’s hard enough to find pants long enough! 🙂 Lots of lovely spice rack ideas….everyone is so creative!

  19. Oh – that clothes line is just fabulous! And how nice that it is still warm enough that you can do the clothes outside! If I’d had mine outdoors last night, I think they would have frozen before they could dry. (hmmmm – wonder if that cuts down on ironing time? Freezing the clothes???)

  20. I’m with pagalina – lazy susans, especially the double decker ones, are THE way to go. Although, after looking at the craftster photo, I could be persuaded to change my ways…

  21. I don’t know about spices, but I love how Bella Dia (typepad blog) uses vintage canisters in her sewing room for trims, etc. Now I don’t feel so guilty about my canister collection. And I love lazy susans too.

  22. Somehow I missed this post…that clothesline is to die for!