Eleventh Day of Christmas

I wish for patience.
I’ve got my family’s quick Irish temper and I see red regularly, especially commuting on the US 60. {I swear if I go to Hell, I’ll be on that freeway, stuck behind a minivan with Minnesota license plates. It is officially Snow Bird season in Phoenix and wowie. As a city we are collectively driving 25 miles. On the freeway.}
So, to celebrate the holidays today with my family and with friends this week, I wish for a giant dose of patience. May we all have the opportunity to catch up on sleep, eat without guilt, read for pleasure and take long, glorious runs.


4 Replies to “Eleventh Day of Christmas”

  1. You know how you get giant doses of patience, don’t you? God gives you the situations that NEED patience to deal with them so that you exercise your patience muscles. lol Be careful what you wish for!

    Merry Christmas, Kelli!

  2. Yeah, I think I might’ve gotten behind some of your snowbirds making their way to AZ on my way to Indy (though I guess geographically that’d be hard to do…). lol

    I, too, have a deficit in the ‘patience’ department. I pray for patience all the time. The lack of it is one of my many flaws.

    Merry Christmas. XOOXOX

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