Email from a Craft Rock Star!

Dear Finny,
I survived my bike-swim-bike. I’m tired today, but I’ve found that two cups of strong coffee after a long ride help get me through the typical “bonk” period post-workout. Slowly, I’m learning how to push myself farther in this tri training. Are you stoked for your big race next Sunday? Doode! One week from today and you’ll be a 10ker! I am so proud of you.

Now, before I go any further, you are never going to guess who I got email from this week. Ms. Amy Butler herself. AMY BUTLER! Can you believe it? I thought to send her a quick note to let her know about our In Stitches sewalong and guess what? She’s agreed to provide a prize for an overall winner when our little sewing bee ties up in December. I KNOW! And to make matters that much better, have you seen her new patterns and stationery?

I yelped when I got her email and got all shaky — kind of like I’d imagine I’d react if I ran into Madonna at the market. My knees got a little weak and I was so unsure of how to respond that I let the email sit there for a day — going back over it word by word and pinching myself to make sure it was real. (It’s real and I’m bruised.) She, on the other hand, is as clever and charming as her designs would suggest.

How is your March clutch project going? Can’t wait to see what you pick for April! And ooh, I am already green with envy over the lucky lady who scores the loot from Amy come December. I can hear the Singer sewing engines roaring in the background!


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  1. Wow! Mail from Amy Butler! Coolness! I wish I could sew. I’ve thought about taking a class. I really would love to make AB’s nappy bag for Beatrix. I can make squares. And they’re rarely even. I’m so jealous of your mad sewing skillz.

  2. Holy S*&T! That’s awesome that Amy herself is donating a prize for the In Stitches Along. I was already contemplating jumping on this bandwagon and this is just another reason to do so. I won’t be able to start until April though (blasted schoolwork!).

    Congrats on your brick this week!

  3. Holy sewing celebrity, batman! That is so cool! What a good idea to email her, I’d never have even thought of it.
    Good job on the bike-swim-bike. Watch out for the FedEx trucks!!

  4. Yay! How incredibly exciting to get mail from someone you admire so much!

    I think it’s fun to get all gaga and starstruck sometime…

  5. Oh my gosh! You are a offically one of the cool kids now (not that you weren’t before, but now you have proof!). That is just so awesome that she is offering a prize, what a sweet heart.

  6. Holy S**T!!! I would have reacted the exact same way!! That is so fabulous. I better get my butt in gear then:):) and get working on the March project. I never did get the February project done:( Oh well!!

  7. Wow. Good job, Kelli! Make a mental notation of this feeling of glee so you remember what it was like to be a fan because I predict the starlight will be on you before long!
    So Amy has great stuff. I love the handbag you made! May I play, too?
    By the way, I noticed she has a page for corrections to her patterns. Since you are working out of the In Stitches book, it’s probably a good thing to be aware of corrections listed at
    (just in case)

  8. wow that would rock my world! How freakin exciting is that!??! and she is totally cool for providing a prize at the end of it!

  9. Just breezing through. Nice blog. I picked up the URL from o Sunday Scribblings post. There were many other URLs, but I logged onto this one because, Mmmm, I wonder…

  10. i never understood why everyone freaked over her fabric so much…which i’m sure stems from my inner upsetedness that i can’t sew worth a dern…but i am loving the stationery!

  11. Wow! I’m with Beki – save and frame that email from the sewing goddess. That’s so great, and adds an extra incentive and excitement to the sew-a-long.

  12. Kelli, I am really enjoying reading your triathalon adventures. You’re going to do great!

    The news about Amy Butler is fabulous and what a generous endorsement of the In Stitches Sew-Along project. I’m already looking forward to April’s new project.

  13. That is so sweet and amazing of Amy Butler. I think I would have the same reaction of you with her email. Are you going to frame it? πŸ™‚

  14. Kelli, that’s great! It’s nice to know that Amy Butler personally responds to her emails. I’m starstruck and I’m just reading about the email on your blog!

  15. How cool is that! What an amazing email to get…I’m sure I’d be so star struck I’d be afraid to log off and take the chance of losing the message before I could read it for the umpteenth time!

  16. how exciting to hear back from amy b…nice to know she is supporting her online crafty fan base. also i am so impressed by your bike-swim-bike! i don’t have a specific race in mind yet so have not been training much. but i did ride 20 miles yesterday and managed to fall off my bike (hit a bump while looking at a bird)…whoops!

  17. Girl, in the near future I hope to join in the sewing fun. I just bought a bunch of capulanas today – pretty cotton ones with bright blue and yellow prints – and I can’t wait to learn how to use the sewing machine while I’m in the US.

    Right now I have no idea who Amy Butler is, but I’m sure I’m going to grow to love her!

  18. How awesome is that!!! I love to look at Amy Butler’s fabrics and patterns and dream of being able to piece them together. My mother usually ends up reminding me of the time I nearly sewed my finger to an apron I was sewing and then the dream bubble bursts. But one day, I will emerge victorious and have a nifty bag to show for it! I’d love to be part of your sew along but yeah the whole can’t sew to save Peruvian beans might be a bit of a deterrent. However, I will look to AfricanKelli for my sewing fix!

  19. Jumping Jehosaphats Donk,
    I in awe of you. You dear Donk are grasping your life in your hands and molding it into the life you so deserve.
    Woo hoo.

  20. I did my first brick on Saturday. I rode my bike, and then ran. It was awful.

    But the burrito afterwords was fantastic. I ate it out under a protective tree on a kite-flying field and then fell asleep watching the kites. Embrace the post-ride bonk! Those are the best naps ever. Plus I’ve heard you recover quicker.

  21. i’m pretty sure i would have screamed right there!!! that is soooooooo cool. is it too late to get into the flickr pool on that?

  22. Well done on the ride, swim, ride. Glad you survived.

    And email and prizes from Amy Butler herself. I’d better get to work on my March project.

  23. email from AMY BUTLER? heck yeah. she is a rock star. how exciting!
    i’ve got lots of pieces cut out and this time, heaven help me, i *will* make the end-of-march deadline for this sew-along. because things are getting ridiculous around here πŸ™‚

  24. So cool! I do the same thing with emails sometimes, although my ‘cool’ messages are nowhere near the Amy Butler league of coolness. I’m going to a trunk show of her stuff today so I’ll report what I see.

    Way to go on all your training. I’d suggest adding something from your lovely line of baked goods to treat your post-workout energy dip, but I guess caffeine is a better antidote than sugar.

  25. Maudite Christ de Tabarnac de Calisse du St. Sulpice!!

    I can’t say that I’m surprised that she would have responded to you.. you seem to have that way with people… Have fun with your project…

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