February 1st

January 2010

Tennis, yoga, 5 books,  2 new jobs, 3 gajillion episodes of Mad Men, and one raging crush on Don Draper later… February!


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5 Responses

  1. A great start to 2010!

  2. Awesome start! I’m starting the year Feb 1 (don’t know what happened to January …) so, Happy New Year! Oh, and I’m eagerly awaiting the One Yard Wonders project for Feb!

  3. Welcome February! You’ve had a great new year so far!

  4. Your life is always so full and exciting, well it looks it anyway.

  5. Don’t forget – 1 foster dog! I guess you’re replacing him with Matty, though. I bet you can’t wait to have your roomie/photographer/partner-in-crime back!