September 4th

beautiful travel journal

The vision journal idea created so many encouraging comments I’ve decided to share the idea. Tell me what inspires you, what you envision in the next year, in a comment. I’m going to make 10 journals this weekend and will select comments at random to win.

I envision returning to Africa to work and live, getting married and having a little flock of happy hippie babies, growing a fabulous garden and growing in faith.

travel journal from Tuesday


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  1. I envision finally making someday today and starting graduate school in the Fall!

  2. I love this idea and was thinking about trying a variation of it on my own..
    I envision a few more years of school, soaking up as much as I can before I go out to teach it to others, reading and eating and listening to great books and food and music and sharing it with my great group of friends and family, while growing closer to God and the person he wants me to be..

  3. That is a beautiful book you made!
    My goal for the next year (and really as long as I live) is to start living like today is my last day. Love the people I am with, do things to the best of my ability, love and serve Jesus the way I was created to, help to make a positive difference in the lives of othes, stop letting the fear of falling keep me from flying…
    and start sewing more even though working and being a full-time student seems to have this strange way of occupying most of my time… 🙂

  4. I love this idea. I get so lost in what I need to do for everyone else that I forget what my dreams for myself are.

    Your dreams for the future are beautiful.

  5. Beautiful! Love these projects! I can’t wait to make my vision journal! I tell you, I just love my board! In the next year I hope to continue traveling and seeing new parts of the U.S.; developing the inner creatrix in me more and taking more time to be crafty; being the best daughter, girlfriend, sister, and auntie I can be; hiking and reading more regularly; manifesting positive energy, good health and abundance …I could go on!

  6. Eek! Love this, Kelli!

    And aack! To let out my secret hopes!?

    Here goes … I envision healing in the form of 1) a stronger, leaner body 2) a calmer, less anxious mind 3) a happy, connected-with-God spirit. Also, the time and commitment to build new nourishing friendships … and (BIG ONE) I’m still holding out for another baby (yes, at 40)!

  7. I love contests! They always bring me out 🙂 And what a fabulous idea. In the last few days I have been asking myself this question, trying to gain more clarity in my middle years (ahem) about how to make every moment count on this earth. Sorry for the corniness, but that’s where I’m at.

    What inspires me: my daughter. She is so very much herself, at all times. She doesn’t worry about whether or not she can do something – whether she’s capable, whether or not other people will like it or agree with it – she just does it. Girl power, I guess.

    In the next year: we are planning a trip to China, my daughter’s birthplace. And my primary vision is to open that world to her and allow her to fall in love with that country as much as we have.

    Oh, and I have to add: for this year, I am working hard to keep in my sight the vision of a new President, one who can reunite this country and move us forward in an intelligent and enlightened way. (Yes, OBAMA)

    Thanks Kelli, as always, for the inpiration!

  8. I’d love to have somethng Kelli-made, but I feel undeserving as I wasn’t one of those who left a comment last time.
    Still, I do hope to start a vision journal, if only to wake my self up to the larger vision of my soul (vs. my rational mind).

    For this year, I want to continue raising my sons to be strong, healthy, and compassionate. I plan to start trading pages with a very nonjudgemental friend of mine (thanks to this great post if you haven’t already read it: –love the idea of focusing on massive amounts of bad writing in order to get to the good). My sister and I have started touching base every Sunday on our post-pregnancy weight loss goals.

    Thanks, Kelli—haven’t written this to you, I’ve just realized that this year, for me, has become about partnership, finding help instead of my usual mode of going it alone (and keeping secret my goals least I fail). You inspire me:-)

  9. In the next year I hope to read more, sew more, write more, talk more, walk more, and serve more. I’m inspired by trying to be a better person and doing things for others.

  10. I don’t need one of your lovely journals, I use a three ring binder for my goals, but I haven’t looked at it since January and this is a good reminder to check in. Also, your example with motivating pictures and whatnot looks like a lot more fun than my lists and deadlines, so maybe I’ll perk mine up.

    I enjoy looking at everyone’s ideas. I want to start living the life I’ve chosen, rather than waiting for it to happen to me.

  11. I’m inspired by those around me (virtually via blogs included!). I envision taking better care of myself so I can be a better person when others need me. I also plan to spend less time comparing myself to others and trying to be more focused.


  12. hi kelli, i have been reading your blog for a while now. i have visited an orphanage in mozambique a few times and moved there last fall for a semester to teach 2nd grade. i fell in love with africa, especially mozambique. my vision for this next year is to keep that part of my life alive and not to forget what i have seen and experienced in africa. i left part of my heart in africa and i am still trying to figure out what my role is in making a difference. your blog has inspired me in different ways and i love how you incorporate africa in many of your crafts! take care and keep it up!!

  13. I think that’s my favorite thing you’ve ever made.
    I am inspired by what’s around me every day – great books, great food, great writing, great blogs like yours, the creativity of others, my husband and my son. Most of all I am inspired by the idea that there is a solution for every problem and we are going to find it!

  14. I hope that I will be several sizes smaller than i am now next year. I’m hoping to get up the courage to ateempt to sew clothes by then. Right now i’m just making baby things, purses, etc. I think too that I want to be involved in my church’s ministries. Life has taken over me and i need to set my priorites straignt. Your journal is beautiful!

  15. Kelli, I love your blog and am so inspired by all your creativity! I, too, keep a vision book, although not nearly so lovely as the one you are creating. I am impressed with your bravery in putting it out there for all to see; I’ll have to consider that…I’m trying to do more things that scare me a bit.
    In the coming year I envision finding creative outlet that also brings an income sufficient that I may continue to stay at home with my kids!
    One book I’ve been rereading that aids and inspires me in manifesting my dreams is Write It Down, Make It Happen, by Henriette Anne Klauser.

  16. Kelli, *you* are an inspiration to me. Whenever I think I’m too busy, I look at the way you’ve made your life an offering and I’m convicted. Your journals are lovely and such a great idea – I particularly resonated with the bird on the cover of this one. My grandmother loved birds and I feel her presence when they are near.

    As for goals? I really need to focus on my health. Lately I’ve noticed less pep in my step and more fuzz in my brain. I feel flat and tired almost all the time, and I’m far too young to feel this way. My goals are to 1) include more vegetarian meals in my eating habits, 2) incorporate more exercise into my day, 3) take more breaks to breathe and reflect instead of rush-rush-rush, 4) find an opportunity to volunteer in my city, and 5) fire up my faith.

  17. Seriously, Kel. You outdo yourself.
    My intentions – in no particular order.
    * to give more of my time
    * to be more present in the now
    * to pay more attention to the little miracles of every day
    * to vote and encourage the democratic process among my peers, while not necessarily promoting (bashing them over the head with) my political views
    * to laugh more and to give myself permission to lighten up sometimes
    * to not neglect my spirit
    * to be a better correspondent
    * to renew our passports and get some for the wees in anticipation of a trip to see Rachael and the next Olympics.
    That’ll do for now.

  18. Beautiful journal!! Just love it. :o)

  19. What inspires me? Any can-do story I read or hear about. I once read a story about a 90+ yo gentleman getting a novel published for the first time! I thought “if he can do it, so can I!” I’m inspired to travel to places I’ve never really considered. An example of this is Poland. I read something about it the other day and thought “I should go there.”

    For the coming years I envision having a couple of babies – with the help of modern medicine – and I know it won’t be a smooth pathway. I will be debt-free (for the most part) after starting my new job soon. I hope to travel back to Australia and reconnect, in person, with old friends and family members (including the little ones I haven’t met yet.) And I hope to travel more and write a book!

  20. Inspring to me — blogland, which is why I keep coming back no matter how busy I get. People sharing on their blogs, what they are creating, thinkng, and dreaming.
    In the next year I envision continuing to raise my boys as best I can, while helping them find what they want to be as they grow older. I’d also like to simpify more around here, clearing out the physical clutter which helps clear out the mental clutter. I’d like to grow in faith and develop a more consistent daily “quiet time.” And I’d like to grow stronger physically, and be more consistent with exercise time.

  21. In the time to come I hope to be a better mother and a better wife. Not to mention a better daughter. I sometimes really feel I can do better for them (daughter, husband and mom). What inspires me? the little everyday miracles I just started to see with new eyes.

  22. What inspires me? Seeing how others live their lives, differently and similar to me. In the next year, I envision… who knows what could happen, but hopefully growing professionally as well as working my relationships with my husband and family, maybe having a kid sometime in there (can you tell I’m turning 30 next yr – eek!)

  23. Forgot to add what inspires me … and here I have to be cringe-ingly honest: People who are doing something better than I am … who have it together more than I do, who manage to balance and achieve in areas that I fail. I guess I’m wired to be a bit competitive and seeing others achieving usually spurs me to action!

  24. ooh, i’m inspired by so much, ms. kelli. where to begin?! rose tea. leg warmers. killer speeches. passionate people. michaels. home depot. gardening. my little pup chandi. watching all the ingredients create joy in my mouth. community. spiritual words and people. activism. women. third graders. birthday cards. babies. a kiss from my husband. laughter. journals. writing. meditation. software and hardware designers. simplicity. peace.

    in the next year, i envision watching our family grow. i envision developing a stronger tie to my community. i envision another move to a place we call “OURS” but is open to you. i envision getting published. i envision cooking and sharing the goods. i envision travel. i envision continuing my work in the anti-violence movement. i envision being deeply in love with me. i envision being in drooled over by the Hub. i envision more laughs, more tears, and more beautiful connections.

    thanks for the opportunity to let me day dream. hope you are doing well, my friend.

  25. Kelli,
    Your journal is beautiful! You are such an inspiration. I look forward to grandchildren, running a 10K, traveling, learning how to can fruits, vegetables and salsa, sewing clothes to name a few! I try to live each day with a positive outlook. I tell myself when I go to walk or run it is because I can – NOW! You never know what tomorrow will bring – enjoy the present. One more thing – I’d like to start a blog. Yours is a hard act to follow though!!

  26. What inspires me? My friends and their creativity!

    I aspire to find love again in the future, to enjoy life every single day and to watch my children grow into happy adults (while being happy kids along the way).

  27. Now that I have school age children, (I have been home with little ones for the past 10 years) I envision taking advantage of the time to create some healthy habits, like today’s lunch date with my husband that I was able to ride my bike to. I also envision making a long awaited trip to Africa to grow our family. Finally, my last hope for the coming year is to dust off the drum set given to me two years ago and take some lessons. I have enjoyed reading your blog for some time now, thank you for taking time to share your days, thoughts and hopes with us all.

  28. Tina in Duluth September 4, 2008

    While awaiting biopsy results on me, then hearing today that my husband’s job will end in 2 weeks (boom, boom!), I envision a clean bill of health for my entire family, my husband in a job that he enjoys, providing for the family, and both my kids in college. All us will be mentally, emotionally, physically, and most of all spiritually strong through prayers and faith in God.

  29. I envision in the next year, bringing a new life into this world. I recently (3 weeks ago) found out I am pregnant. I hope I can be inspired by my new little one and that he or she will bring a new happiness and joy to my family.

  30. What/who inspires me? God, my family and friends.

    What do I envision for the next year? Okay….

    – Going deeper/furhter in my spirtual journey – church, tai’ chi chih, journaling which I stopped years back and need it in my life again. Working at staying centered, grounded, close to the earth.

    – I believe in giving back, and I want to do even more outreach.

    – Helping my grandsons become the very best person they can be as a person and in the world.

    – Making the right decision in this very important election.

    – Continuing to apprecite and breath in the beautiful little things that come my way each day.

    – Living even more as if each day is my last.

    – Changing my lifestyle to incorporate healthier eating and more exercise. Learning to take care of and respect more this vessel God has given me to live in.

    – Grow more as a person. That is my always goal.

  31. Oh Kelli, I love this. I think I’m afraid of failure, so my long term plans aren’t really that exciting, but when you state your huge plans so simply I can’t help but smile.

    Bloggy friends wise, you and Junie Moon continue to inspire me to be a better person. Other days it’s just sitting back and paying more attention to what is around me, my happy puppy running around, the gorgeous weather, the cloudy weather, and more recently, birch trees.

    In the next year, I envision getting engaged and finally unpacking and cleaning up the house I moved into back in March.

  32. I envision finishing a new draft of my novel in the next year (well, I’m hoping to do it by the end of May). I also envision knitting at a nursing home with some willing elders on a regular basis, in part to provide company, and in part to make me less lonely for my grandparents. I also envision a more productive garden that will lead to shelves of organic canned foods for the following year!

    Thanks for giving me the space to write it all down!

  33. I would like to be more fit, and have a very happy healthy kiddo and life 🙂

  34. Very cool. Ever since seeing your journal I thought about that for me–yet I can’t seem to slow down enough to ponder. Or maybe it is the heat around here lately. I think a biggie is learning to forgive and move on. I’m tired of holding on to pain, regret, and selfish entitlement.

  35. Kelli – I just love the journal you’ve created in that picture. What inspires me is without a doubt – NATURE. Anything and everything to do with nature. I love to be surrounded by birds and flowers. My mantra has always been ”Celebrate Life”. My goals for the next year is to be more conscious of my surroundings; be more centered and grounded and I am so hoping to start my teacher training certification in yoga. Yoga + Nature = peace !

    I love your blog Kelli. I read it every single day. If one day you don’t post, I read your archives.

  36. What a generous offer! What inspires me: my children. I’d like to be more present in their lives, get healthier, and write a middle-grade novel (see how I snuck that one in there). Thanks for encouraging me to write it down!

  37. Hi Kelli! Things that inspire me include reading different blogs (especially yours – I love your writing style), browsing through the pattern books at Joann’s and in a non-crafty way, taking classes, whether it be to further my education or to learn about a new skill. My plans for this coming year (since I will now be 30!!) are to complete my certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling so that I may move into a different and more fulfilling career direction, fall in love (I always hope for that one!) take some classes in fun things such as photography and sewing, and continue to create. 🙂

  38. Your journal is beautiful Kelli!

    My goals:
    -To find my balance as a mother, wife, woman.
    -To create the home I want for my family and myself.
    -To craft and sell my creations.
    -To continue giving of my time and talents.

    Thanks for being so inspiring. 🙂

  39. This is such a lovely and generous idea! I often find thinking about long-term goals to be stressful, but this is such a hopeful way to do it. In the next year I envision taking steps towards building the family I want to have, starting to learn a new language, and finding a regular, consistent way to give back to my community.

    Thank you for inspiring me to think about this!

  40. I love the idea of a dream journal! It’s always so much better if you can articulate what to want in life, and even better if you can look back after a while and see all that you’ve accomplished!

    In the next year, I’m really hoping to focus on becoming a better person – the real me, not the me that keeps getting bogged down in doing things that I don’t want to do. I also want to cross at least 2 things off my list of things to do before I die 🙂

  41. Kelli, I love your journal, it’s beautiful. Please don’t worry about adding my name to your drawing as I’ve already been the recipient of your thoughtfulness many times and am quite spoiled. In terms of what inspires me, my bottomline reaction is “life”. Each and every day is a new opportunity to learn, grow, share, and do something worthwhile and productive. That’s a lot of inspiration right there.

  42. What a great idea! Your journal looks fantastic. I envision next year my husband and I starting a family. I will learn to become a better skier. Travel to Salt Lake City and to contiune working on stretching my creative brain muscle! It needs a workout just like any other part of our body.

  43. Ask and you shall receive. This I believe.

  44. The journal is beautiful. I love you site and read it daily. You inspire me, you do, thank you!

    What inspires me? My 10 month old daughter, daily, hourly at times. My family and friends and the love and support for one another. My faith.

    The next year, we hope to start adoption proceedings to add to our family! I hope to get through my TBR pile. To dust off my craft supplies and re-open my creative outlet. To find time for us as a family to just be. Not do, not go, but be. Often times that is easier said than done.

    Thank you for your generosity and willingness to share your creativity.

  45. I envision a healthier me – more exercise, better food choices, less overtime, more family time, less whining, more making it work.

    One of the big issues at work is “work/life balance” and with 525 days to go, and the work load getting heavier the closer we get it will be imperiative to maintain that work/life balance and not to become all work.

  46. I just made the decision to go back to school. As I’ve decided to drastically change my eating habits since last December, and have seen insane changes in my body and life as a whole…I decided to embrace some change and go back to school at the Southwest College of the Healing Arts and pursue holistic nutrition. I’m a huge believer and example that what we put in to our temples, is what we get out of them. So I envision a more positive me…engulfed in learning about how to heal the body thru proper nutrition…maybe someday opening my own practice…specializing in children’s holistic healing thru nutrition and herbal medicine. I’m totally jazzed and excited.

  47. I haven’t been around in a while…… you busy.

    My goal for now and the next year is to be more productive in life. Whether that be volunteering, being more creative or just sitting by and watching the day unfold, I want to feel as though I have accomplished something each and every day……

    I also want to be a better photographer, more productive quilter and sewer, oh and 50 lbs lighter….LOL

    take care,

    Gill in Canada

  48. I look forward to more crafting projects, getting to know my sister from Women for Women international, going greener, and learning a new language.

    You are truely an inspiration!

  49. Kelli,

    i’m late to this party, but here goes:

    what inspires me: my two golden retrievers. i trail run with them just about every day, and their sheer joy at being outdoors, running as fast as they can, playing with each other and chasing each other through the woods reminds me how much beauty there is all around us and in us, that we don’t need STUFF in order to be happy, that it’s enough to breath your way and run in the sun and the rain, watching how the colors of the field change not just seasonally, but every single day.

    what i envision: more yoga, reading books from the library and not from barnes and noble (that i treat as if it is a library), knitting 5 prayer shawls with intention, and helping my two sons have a great school year, plus supporting my daughter kate as she spreads her wings and goes out into the world. nourishing them, myself, and my marriage–20 years this year!–and finding a way to balance all three.

  50. I envision another baby in our family, and enjoying my son as he continues to grow and develop. I envision daily Bible reading, growing in my faith, and getting better at time management to accomplish this and the daily “have-to’s”.