Extra! Extra! (Without Sugar Ray)

May 17th

Frenchie Bag - Newspaper theme

Remember when I said one CAOK participant would be randomly drawn for a bag of his/her liking? Well Em was the grand prize winner — as much as I wanted to create a manbag/murse, it wasn’t meant to be this time around; she wanted something simple and in neutrals. Voila, the latest Amy Butler Frenchie bag out of the last of my Ikea fabric. The trim is in black fabric with tiny red cherries. I’m calling this one my newspaper bag…

Wait for it.

Frenchie handbag

That’s right — because it’s black, white and red all over. (Yep, my humor is still stuck in the second grade.)


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26 Responses

  1. badum-bum! πŸ˜‰

    So cute! Neutral, yet still quite sassy.

  2. It is sassy! I like it..

  3. Jennifer May 17, 2007

    So freakin’ cute. And I love the second grade humor. Also bad puns. Goofy humor is the way to my heart (my husband can confirm).

  4. I love it, with the little bits and bobs of color in the handle.

  5. Shayla May 17, 2007

    What a great bag! She’ll love it.

  6. Your so cute. I bet your a hoot in person πŸ™‚


  7. Clever, sassy and talented! I so bought the In Stitches book today. ^_^

  8. You make me laugh, Kelli! The bag is great and congratulations to Em for winning.

  9. Very chic! Are you over with packing? Are you ready for this new adventure? I hope you will find a way to stay in touch………..

  10. What a cute bag. It looks like a designer did it!

  11. Lovely bag !
    I posted my zippered pouch with your link … see it at
    Thanks again !

  12. I love your newspaper bag! & your 2nd grade hummor, but then we are all about being cheezy around here!

  13. I love it! That pattern is great. Plus who doesn’t love the newspaper joke!?!

  14. Very cute, Kelli!

  15. wow! that is a fabulous bag kelli! it’s been so fun to see your sewing skills explode over the last year!!! love the cherry trim.

  16. Jennifer D May 18, 2007

    Love the bag! I like the way the Frenchie bag looks…is it hard to make? And I agree, who doesn’t love the newspaper joke!

  17. cute!!
    you crack me up πŸ™‚

  18. i LOVE that fabric. that lucky woman, to get such a nice bag!

  19. Adorable!

  20. Lovely! And what are you doing sewing bags? Shouldn’t you be packing them?

  21. love the bag. great print.

  22. I have to get to Ikea! You have such great fabric mixing skills. I loved seeing those pics of all the goody bags for Moz! COAK is taking over the world! At least your living room!

  23. Love the bag! I am making one in granny squares:)

  24. love it, love it, love it! just bought fabric this weekend to try out this pattern, can’t wait, thanks for the inspiration!

  25. what an awesome bag! holy cow! love that fabric! and by the way…GO SUNS!

  26. Trust me, gals! The bag doesn’t disappoint. I love it, and have received many many compliments. Kelli is the best! πŸ™‚