Extreme Makeover Indeed

November 9th

If I were judge in the KFed/Britney divorce court and that idiot asked me to give him custody of their two children, I’d first ask him to tell me each of his children’s full names and birthdates. Then I’d run a drug test. I’m guessing with fair certainty he’d fail at all of the above.
Let’s face it KFed, you hit the lottery once and you were too stoned and too stupid to keep her happy. And no offense, but I’d guess it wouldn’t take much to keep Brit happy. You wooed her with burping contests, for Pete’s sake.
Britney’s looking hotter than ever now that she’s shed that ugly 200 pound mass.

{Tangent: I’m at the library writing this. Bonus points for the nanoblogmo thing. My Internet (or Internets as Pres. Bush would say) is down at home and I’m about to pull my hair out with the lack of connectivity. AY!}


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  1. AY! I hate it when there is no internet connection!!! It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity!!

    And I have to say that I feel sorry for the children of Britney and Kevin. They are too young to remember their family together. (Well, maybe that is good ?!?) Especially that new litle baby!!! I saw a clip of Jay Leno on TV earlier and when he announced their divorce, the audience cheered! I thought that was a very sad “sign of the times,” when people cheer for broken homes.

  2. Really, what should be asked of Fed-Ex (people are clever, sometimes) is why he wants these two kids and not the other two he helped spawn. Burping contests and his dance skills, what more could a girl want?

  3. oh for shame. No internet at home! Ack.

    As for Brit & K-Fed…..”hollywood” just makes me sad sometimes.

  4. I knew he’d go down sooner or later.

    I feel sorry for the babies too – being raised by nannies and all.

  5. ..i hope the idiot’s corn-rows fall off…

  6. He wants his children (and the child support) with Brit, but he hasn’t asked for custody for his children with Shar. Hmmm — I think he’ll lose this one.

  7. Have you ever thought of being a judge? Best criteria I’ve heard!

  8. What was she thinking??!!

  9. now THAT is dedication!

  10. WHAT WHAT! Yeahhhhh….work it Kelli! Tell ’em girl.

  11. I¬¥m not sure if my ex-husband knows the birth dates of our children either, I wonder how many fathers don¬¥t…very sad.
    Our internet connection has been down a few times and that has me in panic, cold sweat and anxiety attacks so I feel for you.

  12. I have to say I’ve never been a Britney fan, but I saw her sliding down since he met KFed. Now I’m happy she found her mind again! And yes, I’m sad about the children, coz they will be always in the middle of a fight.

  13. have a great weekend kelli!

  14. Fed-Ex–good one.

    OMG–sorry, but, InternetS? That’s news to me. Hilarious, in the usual embarassing can’t-believe-that’s-our-prez kind of way.

  15. You poor thing. No internet connection? When the microwave breaks that is easy to live without. Sure potatoes take an hour instead of 5 minutes but there is absolutely nothing that can take the place of the internet. Okay…so my computer obsessed side may be showing its colors today.

  16. So sad. I remember seeing how happy they looked on their wedding day, clad their matching Pimp-Ho track suits, and thinking “Now THAT is the way to get a marriage off on the right track.”

  17. hee hee hee hee – make him tell you the kid’s names and birthdates and then take a drug test…. he’ll fail ’em alll. “Fed-Ex” Hee hee hee hee hee…

    Sorry – and I am really not giong to comment on ALL the posts that I’ve missed – but this just cracked me up too much to let pass by unremarkedupon…

    fed-ex… I’m so totally “borrowing” that one…

  18. Given her recent antics (I pulled up my dress so you could look at my C-section scar, everybody! Ooops, guess I forgot undies again!), I doubt that she’d be too sure of the kids’ full names and birthdates, either.

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