Fall in Color if Nothing Else

September 29th

summer in Seattle
orange iris
Tile backsplash

I’m in one of those happy, giddy, goofy moods today. Everything is making me smile. Finding Fall shades around the house and garden, for example; thinking of my brother today, as he turns 24; planning recipes and ingredients for this weekend’s baking session; dreaming of Thanksgiving.

I hope your Friday is as cheery.

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9 Responses

  1. Ohhh…that tile is beautiful!! Hope your brother has a very “Happy Birthday”.

    Enjoy your weekend

  2. Is there anywhere besides Boston Market that has stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, and cranberry sauce available right now? You just made me hungry.

    Very hungry.

  3. nice, kell, im impressed…keep makin folks do good thangs…good poeples

  4. Your mood is contafious! I love those tiles, are they in your home?

  5. Such pretty colors! I love fall, it’s crisp and refreshing. Perfect time to clean the house and get rid of clutter. I also love baking season!

  6. really enjoying your last few posts. great fall photos and really fab tiles!

  7. I have enjoyed your fall photos and the changing of the colors. My colors change a lot too. It wreaks havoc on my wardrobe, but luckily since everything is thrifted it is cheaper on the pocket book. I bought some vera napkins pink and orange was delighted to see your project being made with these colors.

  8. i can’t help but feel your happiness!

  9. lovely, soothing, almost crispy yet warm colors.
    reminding of coolness to come.