Fall Magazine Review

Dear Finny,
I miss writing you my monthly In Stitches letter — you know, since this time we have two months to finish the project (phew!). And really, I just miss you. Remember when we went to New Mexico in April and spent the weekend gabbing, knitting, drinking margaritas and laughing a the snow flurries that fell on our open-toed shoes?
Well, going through the towering stack of magazines on my nightstand this week, I thought of you and that trip a dozen times over.

NM Ravine

For one, did you see in the October issue of Country Living they featured our lovely New Mexican getaway? The very ravine where we took such silly photos is shown. I snorted remembering us running through the freezing rain to take that photo.

Behind the times

In the same issue, they actually had a small featured titled In Stitches. If Ms. Butler wasn’t a regular contributor, I’d think they were ripping us off.

MSL, October 2007

What did you think of the October issue of Martha? I’m letting my subscription go. I love her and her craftiness, but I need a break. Her recipes are often too complicated and the practicality of her projects questionable. I find myself much more of a Real Simple girl these days. That said — I’m still itching to cook up two Fall recipes featured: pumpkin chiffon pie and sweet potato cannelloni. Yum.
I also got my new Ikea catalog and picked out a purdy new couch and kitchen.

Dream Kitchen, Ikea

The couch is much more of a reality, but how I covet those dish racks. Those Europeans certainly know how to make simplicity elegant.
And then there is the new Lion pattern catalog. Never mind I won’t use the Lion yarn, these designs caught my eye. What do you think?
Needless to say, I haven’t even thought about starting the September/October project. I hope to have at least one of these babies done come Halloween. I could fill it with candy and be the Fairy Bag Mother. Hmm…