Fall Sewing

September 28th

Zipper, ribbon
Pink pin

My favorite colors change with time. While I was once a turquoise and purple girl, much influenced by my mother, I find orange and pink drawing my eye more these days. I simply love these colors paired with the dark, chocolate brown. This mystery project is a surprise gift for a friend. More details in a few weeks when it’s posted and received.


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Domestic Art
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13 Responses

  1. I’m loving those colors too Kel. I just got a dress that’s got chocolate browns in it and I adore it. I love it with those bright colors.

  2. mmmmmm lovely!

  3. Those colours look so beautiful together, can´t wait to see it finished.

  4. I was in a wedding and those were her colors – orange and pink. So were our dresses…they weren’t as bad as you might think….orange/peachy strapless taffeta with hot pink irridescence. OK, so maybe not my style. But the flowers were pretty!!

  5. Oh, those colors are awesome. My fav. colors tend to migrate from one shade to another as well. This summer I was completely fixated on orange paired with turquoise, but now it seems to be more orange and browns…fall I guess. Cant wait to see your final product. Ive gotta get that pumpkin pancake recipe up this week. Cheers!

  6. Great color combos! Can’t wait to see the finished result!!

  7. I love pink and orange and brown together. It is like girly fall!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog today! Your comments always brighten my day. I’m glad that my little blog is inspiring people to repurpose.

  8. You know, I have never liked orange as I am one to hate the Univ. of Texas! However, now I really like it. I guess it’s back to that whole loving fall thingy. Can you please come teach me how to sew a zipper in? 🙂

  9. OOOohhhhh wonder what it is 😛 stunning colours Miss K.x

  10. Oooo, so pretty! I like just about any color paired with rich chocolate brown these days.

  11. Hey saw you found the 52 Cupcakes site, isn’t it great. I’m proud to say that the Cupcake Queen is in the family and she is amazing. I love the color combo, will you share the finished product?

  12. I can hardly stick a button on my husband’s shirt, I really envy all of you who can make these beautiful things!!!!

  13. Great close-up photos! So crisp with all of the little thread details … and of course, beautiful fabrics. Hmmm, okay, I’ll go out on a limb here, but I’m thinking that this may be a … wristlet?