Falling for Fashion

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I love to shop. Browsing is a sport, and finding exactly what I want on sale? Silver medal. On clearance? Gold. Coupon/gift certificate to use toward purchase? Record setting performance.

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There is something particularly lovely about Fall fashion in Arizona because by the time it cools off for tweed and boots, we are ready to dance in the streets to celebrate Mother Nature and her 80 degree weather. A rather amusing site is the number of black leather jackets there are sported by “mortgage brokers” and the sort at Scottsdale bars come mid-September; 80 degree weather never requires leather. And if that is your fashion judgment, I’ll find my own 30-year investment, thankyouverymuch.

Ann Taylor 1

When Fall does roll around, I’m planning on drooling at the mall and making a few select purchases at that fine French establishment you may have heard of. I am seriously focused on consuming less and using what I have. That said, I will happily be rocking a new bag, courtesy of Erin. And a new Speedo for the race. Oh, and a new helmet. Those are purchases that I can’t exactly avoid. {The new bike shorts and cute little matching top? Not buying. Wanting, but not buying.}

My one caveat to purchasing is my 10 year high school reunion, which is quickly approaching. I’m thinking new jeans and a fabulous top. Maybe even a new clutch — handmade, of course. What did you wear to your reunion? Do any of the Fall fashion trends have you looking forward to cooler temps?


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  1. I lovvvvve outfit #1. You may have addressed this previously, but do you ever sew clothes? The skirt up there looks like a piece of cake. And we know you make good cake.

    I also love fall fashion. I used to think San Francisco people were always so well-dressed, because they only had to buy one wardrobe for the whole year: it’s perpetual fall.

    To my 5 year *grad school* reunion (!) I wore an LBD and these knee-high, 4-inch heel gold boots that VU, KK and Boots convinced me were a good idea. I felt FABULOUS…for about five minutes. Seriously, they killed my feet and I spent all evening sitting down so nobody even saw them. I say dress for comfort so you can be vivacious instead of a bump on a log.

  2. Isn’t it hard to shop this time of year! So many cute fall fashions and you forget how hot it is outside when they keep the stores at 65!

  3. I’m trying not to think about fall fashion yet…I am still loving tank tops, flip flops, and cute dresses!

    Like tasterspoon, I too wore a pair of tall trendy boots to my reunion and hated every second of them…I ended up taking them off and going barefoot. Go for a cute pair of dankos…worth every penny!

  4. Outfit #1 is so ‘you’. The model even looks like you. My 10 year reunion was an evening affair around Thanksgiving timeframe, so I wore a holiday-type dress. Something new &/or fresh is definitely in order to give yourself some extra zing. That french establishment has some really cute stuff that doesn’t bite the pocketbook too hard.

  5. I totally spent like $70 on a top last year for my reunion. That might be the most I’ve EVER spent. I totally adore that top outfit. I would borrow it if you got it!

  6. Good taste! I love those photos. On the 10 year reunion thing, it may depend on your school, but I’m from a small town in rural Missouri, class of 150 people, and I was WAY overdressed at the evening function of my class reunion wearing a shiny top from Express (no cleavage thankyouverymuch), jean capris, and cute heels.

  7. Ooh! 10 year reunion, eh? Look like the hottie you are in your cabo halter.

    I have blown off all of my class reunions. 5, 10, 15 and 20 (last summer). How pathetic is it that I’ve been out of high school longer than I was in high school but I’m still not done being bitter. Ah well. I’m willing to spend the next 20 years continuing to get over it while getting on with my fabulous life.

    Cheers, sweets!

  8. I really like these 3 outfits. But I couldn’t wear the first one because it would look much nicer with heels and forget that for me!!!

    Fall fashion = Summer holidays are over and back to school. Always nice getting a few new items. πŸ˜‰

    I can’t wear jeans to work so I try to get something with a sporty look to it!

    Going back to work after wearing flip flops and running shoes all summer will be sheer torture on my feet!!!! lol

  9. Great clothes, Kelli–I love this sort of style. The first picture looks just like you! I’m not even going to think about winter clothes (in Tucson it seems like we only have two seasons–summer and winter). I like clothes a lot but actually hate to wear them; instead, my favorite outfit that I wear until it’s actually cold outside is a pareo (sarong) and sandals–that’s it. Of course, I occasionally have to venture out into public for which I really do have “public” clothes to wear. They frown on pareos on the golf course and so I have to conform to their rules on those occasions.

  10. I vote for outfit #3. Classy, cool, and comfy. Plus very French, if that means anything to you (personally that is my ultimate goal, to look like a Parisienne). πŸ™‚ I wish we could shop together – so many cute things are out there for tall women and I am not tall…but I still would like to see someone cool try them on and look gorgeous.

  11. Hi Kel,
    Have you only been out of HS 10 years!? Wow! I Skipped my reunion for a personal reunion with two of my best HS friends in Chicago! But I would go for number 3, where is the big party? That could help you decide. Dress cute, but then you always do! I think a new purse is always a great thing for a party! Talk to you soon. Miss you!

  12. Oh, I totally love Fall in AZ. It’s my favorite season! I thought that top picture was you for a minute! Very cute outfits!

    I never went to my 10 year reunion, but my 20 year is only 3 years away. Ugh! That makes me feel so old!

  13. Hi!!!

    so.. i ve spend many hours scrolling throught your site.. at work..and then continued at home.. i didnt read everything thing you wrote.. mostly skimmed and ogled over the pretty photos of things you made. Although, I did read about your travels to other countries to support them. Thank you for that. I just got back from peru last week.. and its very sad more so ‘real’ and i ve been trying to figure out how i can actively support them.
    Anyways.. i love those bags you made for the bride and bridesmaid.. theyre yummy.

  14. We have a reunion once a year, and usually I buy something new for the occasion. I want to be at my best, try to ignore so many years have passed and looking amazing (and I miserably fail every time!)

  15. I love the first outfit! That said, I have to admit I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to fashion. I am the worst shopper in the world. The worst.

  16. I skipped my 10-year reunion but to my 20 (!!) year reunion, my first ever, I was feeling mighty fine and wore a new wrap dress that made me feel sleek and young. Ha! I suggest you show off your training bod and wear something comfortable and flattering. And hey, if it’s something you made yourself, all the better!

  17. it is only your 10-year reunion?? wow chica!! you amaze me now more than ever… you are going to be the most accomplished person there!
    i agree on the fashion choice though i didn’t go to mine (just last year, so we are almost the same age πŸ™‚ )… no one i knew was going so we are still trying to set up a mini-reunion.
    for fall i’m excited about **cold-weather clothes**!! yay!! i bought some fab flat-soled knee-high brown leather j. crew boots for $36 dollars at our local anthropologie/ j.crew discount store. do i get a gold medal? πŸ™‚ i’m excited about light sweaters and light coats, pulling all my knits out of storage… all of it!

  18. My 20th is coming up in three years…I have no idea what I’m going to wear yet:):)
    I LOVE that fine French store you mentioned…did you know that’t where my hubby works?? I live off the 75% clearance racks:)

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