Fantastic Forest

My mom finished her wall quilt. Check out the deer and bear! She is always impressing me with her sewing skills. Her patience for crafting is infinite. It is now happily displayed in their home in San Antonio, but I think it would look perfect in a snow-covered cabin high in the rockies.

Mom's paint with fabric wall hanging, done

The sky is still my favorite part. Beautiful!

12 Replies to “Fantastic Forest”

  1. LOVE! i think it would look perfect hanging on MY wall! 🙂 (if i had a wall of my own, that is!) hooray kelli’s-mom!

  2. WOW! All I keep thinking about it how many thousands of pieces of fabric went in to that. Not to mention the whole concept of creating a PICTURE out of it all. So talented!!

  3. Holy crap — go Momma Donk! Totally amazing, of course. She’s quite the talent. Even with the darling creatures, my favorite part is still the river. Lovely lovely!

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