Fashionistas: Red

August 21st


Well, I find it nothing short of hilarious I am posting after reading your monthly essay on fashion. And we pretty much did the exact same thing. After agreeing this month’s fashion post would focus on red, what did we both choose to feature?

Red jeans.

Oh, mama. I love me these pants. I bought them last week for a pittance and I am going back to the same big box store to buy them in other colors (purple, olive.)* That said? These red pants make me feel stylishly funky. And they are so versatile! All women should have a flattering pair of red pants. Your random shoe collection will appreciate being flaunted too:

Sassy summer:

La Fashionista: Red

Sassy fall:

La Fashionista: Red

Sassy cowgirl:

La Fashionista: Red

Sassy hippie:

La Fashionista: Red

The other red item of my wardrobe I absolutely adore is this red coat. It cost a small fortune last year, but I waited for some holiday weekend sale and nabbed it 40% off. Love. I will be living in this thing come fall and winter:

La Fashionista: Red

Another reason red is one of my favorite colors? We are in the middle of a great tomato season at the Heirloom Homestead. Little ones, big ones, red ones, green ones. Salsa. Marinara. Bloody Mary’s. Pizza.

La Fashionista: Red

A few other shots of red from around la casita:

La Fashionista: Red

La Fashionista: Red

La Fashionista: Red

Yeah. That’s Nelson. Worst. Haircut. Ever. I was, wait for it, seeing red.

Next month’s theme?

Much love to you!


*Yes. The red pair of pants that cost me $15 are my new favorites. This is the Murphy’s law of fashion. It’s the random cheap things you pick up that you fall in love with, while those expensive designer jeans that make your leg itch/ pair of designer heels that make you limp for days after/ handbag that cost a fortune but doesn’t have a single functional pocket? Yeah.

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12 Responses

  1. Any hope you’ll give us a clue where you got those great red pants?

  2. AdamMackWright August 21, 2012

    I like his haircut. He actually looks like a dog and not a cute-eyelashed stuffed animal now.

  3. Big Mama August 21, 2012

    Did you know that Nelson is NOT a poodle? What’s with the shearing of the sheep?
    Aw….it’ll grow back, and faster than you can blink. In the meantime, he’ll be nice and cool.

  4. Super cute! Red pants… I never would have thought! I’m on a self-imposed no-shopping thing right now, but I am making an exception for an upcoming birthday shopping trip with my sister. Perhaps this will be the update for my fall wardrobe. Where’d you get them?

  5. P.S. WNM will always be handsome to us!

  6. Who did that to my guy????? They should pay.

  7. No joke, I also own a show-stopper red coat that I’m obsessed with. We are soul fashionista sisters! Those pants are GREAT. Love that you featured all the fun shoe choices!

    Still giggling about WNM’s horrible haircut…THOSE EARS!

  8. Carolyn Savage August 22, 2012

    I bought those same red pants….and the olive ones….and the black ones. FINALLY they had pants in Long. YIPPEE! Enjoy yours…I know I’m going to enjoy mine.

  9. You just reminded me I have one red pair of jeans in my closet…..

  10. 🙁 Willie got caught in a hair raid. Poor guy!

  11. Tina in Santa Monica August 25, 2012

    Are these from Costco?
    Can’t be Trader Joe’s! 😉

  12. Old Navy? They are cute! I used to have several pairs of colored jeans back in high school. WAY back in the day lol.

    Poor WNM! Is it growing out yet?