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May 24th

Oh Kara,

When you suggested this month we cover our favorite summer footwear, I jumped with glee. As my mother can tell you, I have always had “a thing for shoes and bags.”

So, you know. I’m a woman.

Since moving to Colorado, I have a new appreciate for footwear. There is no need for the winter pedicure and peek-a-boo conservative flat. Instead, my tootsies are bundled up in wool socks and boots, or my Ugg slippers, for months at a time. Come just about now, it’s time to break out the sandals. The flats. The shoes that don’t require socks but do require a new razor to show some leg.

Say it with me: YAHOOOO!

A few of my now “summer” shoe faves:

Fashionistas: May

Fashionistas: May

Birk flip flops, Giza style. I LOVE these. You know I don’t mind a good heel, but dating a man who is my same height means I have a new appreciation for flats too. I’ve got these in a couple colors and wear them with skirts and jeans.

Fashionistas: May

Tarjay heels. Thank you, thank you Target buyers for selling size 11s. You have made my wardrobe and pocketbook so very happy.

Fashionistas: May

Clark heels that were new when I bought them at a local thrift for $8. And oh, more Tarjay shoes. I love wild flats. With bright tops, black pants and a bunch of silver jewelry. I also wear these with maxi dresses, or with a-line dresses for work. They are comfy and add just enough color to be sassy.

Fashionistas: May

And of course, my very favorite summer sandal. Still love these. Still wear them whenever I get a chance. Wedge + espadrille = my favorite. That said, I’m about 6 foot a billion in these.

Fashionistas: May

Fashionistas: May

And let’s be honest. These are the summer kicks that get the most wear. A good pair of trail runners for the summer ahead in Colorado and I’m set.

Now, what are you wearing? Favorite place to find shoes?


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9 Responses

  1. I love your style! 🙂 (And, do introduce the man you’re dating!!! )

  2. Jenni May 24, 2012

    LOVE those espadrilles! I’ve been looking for a pair and just can’t seem to find what I want…where did you find those?

  3. Sarah May 24, 2012

    I am a huge fan of the Giza Birki’s as well. I have a red & orange paisley pair that I get tons of compliments on.

  4. I love your 6′ a billion shoes and that your are 6′ a billion when you wear them. I have height envy! 🙂

  5. Love the Giza, have two pair. Even MORE, loved seeing those painted toes in person!

  6. Oh yeah – I LOVE those espadrilles. Even more so that you rock them with your gorgeous height! Tall women are even awesomer when they embrace The Tall.

    Meanwhile, I am finishing breaking in a new pair of Van’s and I am in love all over again. It’s like being a punk kid cutting class in Junior High. Makes me feel like sneaking a cigarette and kissing a boy 🙂

  7. I’m behind on your blog Kelli….and so sad that I am! However, I have a pair of Cole Haan black wedge sandals that make me 6′ a billion as well! They are one of my FAVE summer shoes however. Also, I caught the “dating a man who is my same height” comment and I had to comment “I feel ya.” They have always been men I avoided but I do adore mine. 😉 Basically I guess this comment is “Yes, me too. I completely understand.” xo

  8. I love that we both included Clarks! I also totally have those grey Target heels. We are totally on the same level 🙂

    Loved those green wedges from the second you posted them – at least a year ago? So so so cute.

  9. Jennifer May 30, 2012

    There isn’t enough room on your blog for me to talk about the shoes I love. 🙂

    You’re dating someone? 😉 How lovely!