February CRAFT-Along {aka: Extension please!}

Dear Finny,

I am writing with some embarrassment. Due to unforeseen circumstances (me being busy with other things– tomatoes, namely), I didn’t get both projects done for February. I did manage last night to finish my wall-pocket experiment:

Wall Pocket

This was created for Baby Eloise’s nursery. She is to be born any day now and her French nursery is very red/white/black. I thought this would be a handy way to store diaper supplies next to the changing table. While the original February Craft idea came from lovely London Purple’s project, I used a modified version I found in Seams to Me.

Seams to Me Wall Pocket

For Eloise

Wall Pockets

And then I started cranking on the basket project. Just as you envisioned, I love it! The use of scraps, the coiling, the beautiful results within minutes of starting. However, I wish I’d paid more attention when buying the clothesline because I ended up with 1/4″ line, which means this is going to take a very long time. The result, I hope, will be beautiful. But I’m not reaching the finish line anytime soon with this baby bee basket. And so, I ask for wee bit more time…

Will be a basket

Sewing and coiling and sewing

Bzzzzz basket

Any ideas what you’ve got up your sleeve for the March CRAFT Along projects?


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  1. So say someone was interested in one of those wall pockets for her nursery, would you make her one? and how much would it cost? I think it would be very convenient near the changing table.

  2. Yeah, I used the 1/4 inch cording from Joann’s and it took longer than you would have thought but still turned out well.

    I did buy clothesline at Ace Hardware for round 2 of the basket, maybe for my bathroom counter.

  3. I love your wall pockets project. What a wonderful coordinated treat for the baby’s room. I do plan to try this particular project soon, just haven’t had time to do that one. I did manage to get the bowl made instead. Your bowl is shaping up quite nicely, the bee fabric is adorable.

    I’m looking forward to discovering the new March project.

  4. Your wall project looks great. I think it would definitely come in handy for next to a baby changing station or crib. Can’t wait to see what you make next.

  5. Love the hanging wall pocket’s…. I wish I had one of those back in the day, smile… It is brillantly handy! I want one of those for my yarn stash…
    Excellent job….

  6. Kelli! It is gorgeous! Eloise is going to love it! I cannot wait to hang it in her room and take pictures of it to send to you!

    You are the best!

  7. Love this rug project. You can also make decorative bowls for the table using the same idea, just modifying the shape to become a bowl.
    Super cute!

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