Fiber: It’s What’s For Dinner

New place settings I sewed quickly yesterday afternoon.

A commenter recently said she wants to eat more veggies after seeing what I’m cooking. I won’t lie — I’m enough of a health dork to consider that a great compliment. Last night’s community dinner round cuatro was a colorful array of some of my favorites. I was trying to clean up a bunch of Asian noodle and wrap supplies I had hanging around the pantry, but ended up spending a small fortune anyway for the extras.

veggie spring rolls with roasted acorn squash

Roasted acorn squash veggie spring rolls. Similar recipe here.


Edamame, with a pinch of salt.


A giant salad with whatever veggie was on sale at the market.

thai chicken pasta -- minus the sesame

And sesame noodles, to which I added grilled chicken and forgot the sesame. Whoops.

New wine

A new white wine I’d never heard of before, which we enjoyed with dessert: lime sorbet topped with frozen mangoes. The reviews were positive. Then again, after a belly full of carbs and sugar, everyone is usually pretty jolly. We were all enjoying ourselves enough to talk through the first episode of LOST. You know the conversation is good when I prefer the company to Jack. Got to catch up with him today. It’s the only TV shows these days that I follow and I am so thankful ABC puts the back episodes on their website.


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  1. Good morning Kelli. I love the colors! That had to be one of the best community dinners yet. Are those apples in the salad that I see? Yum!

  2. One of the most frustrating things about living overseas — all those great TV shows you can watch for free (and legally) on the networks’ websites are not available! Oh well. The food looks fantastic, as usual.

  3. Looks yummy (again!) I really want to try those veggie spring rolls. Maybe John won’t notice there’s veggies in them 😉

  4. Once again, you’ve inspired me. I want to make some spring rolls. Also, I’ve been thinking about the power of attraction (your last entry) and I love that you are putting your expectations out there. But, you can cross one off….you’re already loved by your family, good friends and even strangers who are inspired by your blog! Best wishes, SAS

  5. Oh thank goodness i didn’t know they had back eps, I should have tho. I got home last night and realized at 8:40 that my DVR wasn’t recording, oh the pain! So this weekend I will watch it online. Have you tried the Sav Blanc’s from New Zealand? Gazoweee its good!

  6. Um, I just ate lunch (not hungry), but the site of that salad makes feel hunger pangsall over again. It make me want to EAT like crazy, I’m talking the whole bowl. Yes, the bowl. Looks sooo yummy.

  7. I’ll take some of those noodles and the salad. Looks so yummy! You always make the nicest meals.

    I’ve given you a You Make My Day award over on my blog. Check it out.

  8. The food looks great, but let’s talk about Jack. I have got to say that no matter what he does wrong on that show, he is still H-O-T in a way that should make all other men feel very, very insecure.

    I’m just sayin’.

    (Of course, I feel the same way about Sawyer, but to a slightly lesser degree.)

  9. Kellie, your cooking pics always looks so delicious and fresh, I’ve never heard of that wine either but It’s Aussie, should be nice? Don’ ask me I don’t drink wine. Only a local wine from our town.
    “Red Earth” – Brut Reserve. Sparkling Wine.

  10. Kellie, I’m catching up on your posts from this last week, and the food looks so delicious! I loved the post about dreams expectations, and it makes me think about taking a peek into my box and keeping it open.

  11. I’m feeling unoriginal – here you keep making all these fantastic feasts, and I think my response to every single one has been YUM!

    This dinner is no exception.


    (and I’m off to investigate the thesaurus…)

  12. Kelli, we do community dinners here on Sunday nights…although ours usually have around 15 crazy children running around. And I think I have your tablecloth, except it is a duvet cover on our guest bed.

    Blessings friend.

  13. where oh where did you find lime sorbet? living in a household w/ lactose intolerance sorbet is our saving grace. do tell what brand o please.

  14. I’m trying to reacquaint myself with these things called vegetables and you’re doing a great job in the motivation dept with the shots you’re posting. Heck, I might even eat a salad today (cue tape of flying pigs). Cheers!

    FYI, Sprouts sells organic wines from a label called Frey. Both the reds and the whites have no sulfites (which equals no hangovers). Not bad tasting, either.

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