Finny + Donk Do Feenix

April 14th

weekend shenanigans


Old McDonley’s farm is coming along. The tomatoes are green and growing like weeds. The squash are blossoming in giant beautiful orange blooms. I’ve noticed more bees and hummingbirds hanging around lately.

weekend shenanigans

weekend shenanigans


weekend shenanigans


Also, my favorite plant whisperer was here this weekend to provide ample advice. Let’s just say the harvest is going to be a wild success. And I need to stop watering the squash plants top-down. Squash leaves no likey water.

Who knew?

Finny. That’s who.

The Finny/Donk 2014 weekend was delightful. Lots of sun, pool time, reading, gabbing, brunching, street tacos and laughing. Nelson adores his Auntie Jess and was rather confused this morning when she wasn’t around to “face cuddle” him.  And yes, I’ve said it before but you cannot be too grateful for great friends. This friendship is about as sweet (and spicy and spunky and loud and profane and funny) as they come.

Love you, Finnberg. Come back soon.


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