Finny & Donk Summer Sewing Slowdown

August 3rd

Dear Finny,
Is it just me or is everyone on vacation? Oh wait, you are in Costa Rica. (I hope your trip is going great! Love that country. So pretty, tropical and balmy.) By the looks of our lack of July entries, I think it is safe to say most crafty chicas are lounging by the pool with their feet up and a cold margarita in hand. Who can blame them? My entry for the July project was pathetic at best.
That said, I’ve got big plans for the August-September project. That’s right, I am once again making this a two-month project. My reasoning is that we are all in summer mode and frankly, we are quickly running out of cute projects in this book. Double-up time.
But! Before I announce the August Finny and Donk Great Sewing Adventure project, the July winner hands down is Denver Brunette. Yet again this woman wows me. How cute is that kid? How great is that project? Yep, she’s a smartie. And she once again wins. Bravo!

Denver Brunette wins again

I am thinking about making one of these for myself, minus the hoodie. There is no bikini ridicule when you are wearing a towel poncho at the beach.

August-September Simple Gifts to Stitch Project
August-September Simple Gifts to Stitch Project
August-September Simple Gifts to Stitch Project

Now, the August-September project is the tri-pocket ticking tote. It is the cover project and while I know many of you will groan at the idea of sewing yet another bag, please consider the twist. This bag is not to be sewn for your use. Instead, you must create this for someone else and explain why you are giving it away. Not only does this support the CAOK movement, but I am pretty darn sure there are a lot of kids headed back to school in the next few weeks who don’t have a backpack and would love to rock this bag. Make it with ticking, or don’t. Make it a tote, or a backpack or a fanny pack if you are really creative. Do whatever inspires you to complete the project, post a photo in the Flickr pool and share your sewing talents with others.
Sound good? See what happens when you go on vacation? Ha!


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12 Responses

  1. I’m one of the recalcitrant participants in the sew-along group. I’ve been in “slow time” mode but really need to get back into the swing of things. Your Aug/Sept giveaway project sounds like just the right thing to do. I’ll get on it and tackle the assignment.

  2. Great winner! I LOVE the total coverup idea myself . . .

  3. Love the towel poncho! That looks like the perfect accessory for when you go to the beach and it gets cold while you are there (us Brits take little encouragement to hit the beach when the sun starts shining even when it’s not actually that warm out!). Love the look of the bag. Will be looking forward to seeing the finished product. Also intrigued by CAOK movement – I love making things for people I don’t even know just for fun!

  4. Everytime I come to your blog, I think, ” I wish I could sew. I wish I could sew.” I’m getting pretty close to putting those thoughts into actions… So may projects and hobbies – so little time! (Even without cable TV)

  5. That bag is an awesome idea! Very practical. I’m sure you’ll make a cute one!

  6. Guilty as charged! I’ve been soaking up summer while frantically trying to catch up with the group for the Dear Jane quilt a long. As of today, I am about halfway (21 out of 43 blocks done). I love this tote, and I really think is one of the reasons why I bought the book. I will have to think of a good recipient for this bag!

  7. I love the towel poncho idea – that is a great twist for times when it’s not raining, which thankfully is right now. (Don’t anyone even SAY AUTUMN or I will kick)

    I like the tote idea and will have ZERO problem making it for someone else. There are birthdays all over the place and the tote is great for tucking in personal touches.

    My recently retired mama sure could use one of these to haul around her gardening gear…

  8. Oh, and thank you for doubling up. I agree – we’re getting to the end of the cute projects in this book and summertime is no time to be stuck behind the sewing machine.

    Good call.

    I have a twist on my next project for October, so I hope some folks stick around.

  9. thank you. thank you. thank you.
    I’ve had so much fun sewing with you gals. Looking forward to the tote.

    PS — Took your suggestion on a book and just started it, We Wish To Inform You…
    It’s killing me, just absolutely wrenching my heart. Thanks for the book tip. I appreciate a gal who can compile a good list of good books.