July 18th

I spent 6 hours on the Green River today learning to fly fish. In reality, what I learned was how to hook myself with a fly and how delicious chicken fingers are. Seriously. Chicken fingers dipped in ranch? Why am I just learning about this now?

Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner \Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner



Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner

Trout for dinner

I’m having gaspacho, but this little swimmer will also be served for dinner — one of half a dozen caught today. German brown and rainbow trout were bountiful. If you’ve never been invited fly fishing and suddenly the opportunity bobs your way, suck it up and go. Fight your city girl instincts, throw on a giant hat and a good attitude and be prepared to have your inner Laura Ingalls Wilder come out in full French braided glory. The water, the snow-capped mountains, the wild flowers in a thousand colors, the bald eagles, osprey and red hawks swooping from giant, riverside cottonwood, the bright blue sky dotted by wispy white coulds — all sublime. Gutting the fish? Not my cup of tea, but thankfully I can hide behind a wussy camera like I did for most of the day, observing and enjoying in my own way.

Salty’s family has absorbed me into their crew, adding me to their mix of activities with such kindness. Today I found myself alone with Lainey — la mama de Salty — listening to her talk about her daughter, their family and so desperately missing my own I batted away a sea of salty tears. There is absolutely no doubt that I am one of the most blessed when it comes to sincere friendships. I’ll absolutely never forget the gracious hospitality this family has extended me this week. I look forward to returning the favor with gusto, and perhaps a bit of fish I caught.


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  1. Before anyone gets crazy, we only kept this one fish. It was bleeding and was going to die anyway. Better our food then Osprey food.

    The rest of the dozen we caught were handled carefully, and returned, respectfully, to swim — and get caught — another day.

  2. I thought they would die anyways if you touched them?

    Where we go camping sometimes there will be people that stop to fly fish there. It always seems so beautiful compared to regular fishing for some reason.

  3. 🙂 I have done some fishing too. Caught the trout, cleaned it, and cooked it for dinner. I was thinking of you as we traveled through Colorado.

  4. Tina in Duluth July 19, 2009

    Rainbow trout are so pretty and so tasty, too!

  5. Now that is something I’ve never done! Did you decide to eat gazpacho before or after you saw the fish gutted?

  6. Friendships really are the spice of life! They add so much in ways you don’t ever imagine!
    I can gut a fish but don’t like it.

    Looks like a great trip!

  7. I’m so glad you enjoyed your fly fishing excursion. I love fly fishing, from it I get a sense of peace, quieting my mind, simple enjoyment of the beauty around me, and certainly practicing a lot of patience.

  8. Looks like tons of fun. Glad you are enjoying yourself!

  9. Hee hee, Adam. ‘Before anyone gets crazy.’

    Kell, how can you just be learning about chicken fingers and ranch? were you never a child? also, try honey mustard. i could use some of those right now…

  10. You’re spending so much time with nature! So wonderful! (Am I the only one who doesn’t know the difference between regular fishing and fly fishing??)

  11. How fun! And what a beautiful day! 🙂

  12. Mmmmm; Somehow I don’t think my Bubba Burgers are going to taste quite as good toning after seeing theses Phishy Photos.

  13. oh how fun. great pics.
    i fly fished once in the bahamas and it was beautiful.

  14. I’d have been a wuss hiding behind my camera, too.

  15. Girl, anything tastes better with ranch.

  16. Debbie July 20, 2009

    It looks like you are having a wonderful vacation!

  17. I love a good post with fish guts in it!