Fleeting Time

Why, hello cilantro, you spicy beast

One of my biggest pet peeves* is when people complain about not having enough time. It is easy for this to be one of my annoyances in life at this point because let’s face it: I’m in selfish mode. No kids. No pets. No real worries other than getting myself to work and fed daily.

That said, we are all given 24-hours a day. How we spend them is a matter of priority, and goodness knows our priorities are wildly different. My mom, for example, will spend 6 hours a day quilting and bemoan the fact she doesn’t have “time to read.” I love her nonetheless. My brother groans he doesn’t have “time to cook or budget meals,” but spends a fair amount of his week playing basketball at the gym. And my dad? Well, you already know I think he’s perfect. My point is we spend our time as we have to (work, child care) and often as we want (TV, socializing, gym, sleep). I don’t have a magic recipe for making these two columns balance, but as a single gal with a tiny commute and lots of hobbies — I do my best. If anything, I think I’m often guilty of putting the hobbies before the career.


I’ve been fueling my own pet peeve by kicking myself lately for not making more time to be creative. For the last few weeks, I’ve considerably increased my training at the gym and with my personal trainer. I’ve been spending between 8-10 hours a week at this, which I really enjoy. The downside is that when I do have 30 minutes here and there to work on something at home, I’m physically exhausted. I cannot get myself motivated to come home from lifting weights and sit down at my sewing machine. My bed just looks far too inviting.

Green bushy stuff

Until I get in better shape and am over the initial exhaustion hurdle, my creative time is going to be limited. I’m trying to deal with this change in pace and admitting my current limitations, but doing so does not come naturally.

Thank goodness the garden continues to grow on its own.


*Truly, my biggest pet peeve, as Amanda can attest, is the way people eat popcorn at the movie theater. The crunching, licking, smacking drives me up the wall. So much so, in fact, I’ve been known to get up and leave my date to move to a quieter seat. Popcorn is evil, evil noisy, stinky, food.

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  1. First, I’m glad your garden is growing! I catch myself wishing there were more time in a day, but I realize that how I’m spending time is okay and am dealing with the fact that I may not get “everything done.” This year I’m trying to “make” time for more reading and crafting, etc. but still not give up the time I often spend with family/boyfriend/friends/etc. I’m finding it’s a delicate balance.

  2. Hi Kelli,
    Yes, where does our time go??? I have all these illusions of working full time, attending school p/t, hopefully picking up a p/t job with the Census Bureau,reading and crafting. I make myself lists….lists are a good thing, but then I get mad at myself when I don’t do what I wrote down to do. OCD…..yes…very much so 🙂 I have a torn meniscus so exercising is out right now (see an ortho surgeon next week) I’ll let ya know…. I am laughing at myself as I write this to you.. Why we put pressure on ourselves I do not know why?? Keep on keep’n on Kel-I give you all the credit in the world! You have a full plate. Do one thing at a time! Stay safe, Julie

  3. Kelli!

    Congrats on your little sprouts, whatever they may be. They are going to be the best tasting veggies you’ve ever eaten, because you grew ’em yourself. That’s a goal you had for yourself and you took the steps to acheive it (It’s nice to see little green things growing, there’s nothing growing here but big piles of beautiful snow).

    Don’t beat yourself up too hard about not making time to be creative at the moment. You’re working hard in another direction. Sometimes you spend way more time doing creative things than working out, it all evens out in the end. Making yourself healthy and strong is important.

    But I too get annoyed when people say that they “don’t have enough time to (fill in the blank)”. Most often, it’s a matter of priorities.

    Take care.

  4. And because of this pet peeve of yours, I think of you every time I go to the movies (which, granted is extremely rare) because I always indulge in a bag of popcorn. And I know I am like a wild animal when I eat it. EW.

    Your garden’s looking good!!

  5. So jelous that you live somewhere where you can garden this time of year. We wont plant our veggies for another two or three months.

    Oh, and you think popcorn is bad? In Australia, a very popular movie snack is patato chips! There’s nothing like watching an intense scene and hearing the man behind you digging into the bag and crunching on a crisp chip. Ugh.

  6. ha! You would’ve loved coming to the movies with us. I was even beginning to feel self-conscious about our popcorn smacking ways, it was so loud.

    Yeah, I have a real thing about the time issue, too, probably because I’ve heard one too many “Oh, I wish I had the time to do [whatever] — it must be nice!” Aw, shut up already! But that’s the thing: You can have it all, but not at once. I, too, have to remind myself of that *daily*. It’s hard, isn’t it?

  7. And now that we’re older and wiser, I’ll say I’m sorry for all the popcorn tormenting I did to you in college. But oh Jill and I had a good laugh over it.

    My biggest pet peeves: mispronunciation of common words (“supposebly” for one), and the incorrect use of the word ‘literally’.

  8. Congrats on the garden, and working out more. But don’t be a popcorn hater. Popcorn is probably my most favorite food. I don’t really care for the movie theater kind, I prefer to make it myself with olive oil. Yummy.

  9. Your garden is yet another bright spot in yet another snow filled day…

    I hear you on making time for what is important, and I wouldn’t trade what I have now for the world, but I fondly remember the days of only having to worry about feeding myself and getting myself to work. And, wow, I would love one of those days thrown into my life today, just every so often. Going to have to work on that one.

  10. Oh, your little plants look great! Everything here is covered with a blanket of white right now. First off, I have to say YAY, another person who thinks popcorn chomping is gross! It absolutely drives me up the wall. I’m sure I’ve complained a time or two (!) about being too busy, but I think most of us make time for the things we really want to. It’s always hard for me to keep a straight face when people tell me they’d never have time to knit (or sew, or homeschool, or bake, or whatever) and then go on to tell me the intricate plot details of their 10 fav tv shows. And the commercials as well!

  11. Congrat’s on your growing garden Kelli! Another goal coming to fruit. I have two large Costco size bags of bulbs to get in the ground this week. The sun is out this week. a perfect time to play in the garden. As to eating popcorn in a theater….well, David and I rarely go tot eh movies (he is a lets wait and rent it type of guy), but when we do we share a biog bag of popcorn. I don’t lick my fingers though I have been tempted. I’m a napkin kind of gal. Doing creative things is good for the soul. I have always managed to make time for most things I want to do. Right now I am actually working on exactly what I need outside the house and my creative projects to make me happy. One step at a time…..

  12. I think you have some good points here (although I often wonder where my personal time goes). I’ve always been impressed with the various presidents who can find time to get in a daily jog!
    By the way, very nice with the garden! That’s one of the things I miss most now that I’m in an apartment. Maybe I’ll start a container garden this year. Of course, living in Colorado, I don’t have to think about that until May.
    PS. I love popcorn, sorry! 🙂

  13. Along the same lines, it always irritates me when people complain about the weather, as if there was something that could be done about it! Also, poor grammer in professional settings…mixing up accept and except, affect and effect, your and you’re…oh man, those things drive me nuts!

    Thanks for giving us a moment to vent!

  14. You have cilantro!!! It is so funny you should comment on free time. I am so jealous of my sons’ free time and I really dislike how they spend it!! I often think about how I used my free time pre-husband, pre-kids and hang my head. I should have a whole house full of quilts (and so should all of my friends). But no… I did some quilty stuff here and there, baking stuff, crafty stuff. I wish now that I did more then. So, when I get (make) time now I am very thankful for it. You know, we do the best we can at most times. Sometimes laying on the couch is the best we can do. Sometimes sewing 5 birdie slings is the best we can do. Be kind to your awesome yourself.

  15. Oh my God! If this is turning into a what’s your pet peeve… people who misuse anxious and eager. “I’m anxious for the weekend to begin.”
    Uh, no moron. It’s eager!
    Thanks, I had to vent!

  16. I hear ya….loud eating and rattling of wrappers in a theater drives me crazy. Second thought, all loud eating anywhere drives me crazy. Ugh!

  17. Well, I guess I’m guilty of wishing for more time. I have been made aware that “in this economy” my job is in jeopardy if I don’t bill a certain number of hours, and I have made that priority because I do want to keep my job, my health insurance and my maternal leave (under the assumption that will be relevant in the next couple of years). It just makes me SAD that my exercise, meal planning, relationships, sleep and, sure, my hobbies, are taking a back seat. I persuade myself it’s okay because I just need to suck it up for a few months until my next review.

    I’m well aware that my complaints can’t *compete* with people with multiple (or no) jobs, kids, big commutes – but I don’t think that disqualifies me from wishing I could rearrange things (such as the economy) to my preference.

    Would it be okay if instead of wishing for more time I wished I were one of those people who require only four hours’ sleep a night?

  18. Finally, someone else. I detest popcorn, and people eating it at movies.

    I don’t have time to sew right now
    Because I’m busy ready a bedside table full of books.

    I don’t have time to craft right now.
    Because I am busy planning a trip to Mexico.

    I don’t have time to bake right now.
    Because I’m busy hanging out with friends.

    But right now that’s how I like it.

    Next month? Will probably be different.

  19. I have so much I want to do, but I often feel like I waste my time on doing nothing at all. Time is such a precious commodity that I myself let it waste away.
    Oh, and that is funny about the popcorn. It is funny the different pet peeves we all have.

  20. panda, jason HATES the misuse of literally. and any use of the term ‘out side the box’ (because it’s so oversued at this point that it’s inside the box). i personally cannot stand when people say ‘so and so and I’ when it’s actually correct to say ‘so and so and me’. (Ex: Would you like to go to the movies and eat loud, greasy popcorn with Kelli and me? We should totally see Bride Wars, doncha think?)

  21. If popcorn is evil then I sin quite frequently with a big bowl of buttery delight. I disagree with it being about priorities and more about choices. When you have a job, a child, a husband and a home there is precious little time for a lot of things. You can prioritize and juggle things around, but it still does not create more time in your already busy hectic day.

    Gotta go, I am spending too much time reading blogs! 🙂

  22. I don’t know why, but Psalm 16 was coming to mind for you.

    I love how you share so much with so many…through your blog and I’m sure in person.

  23. Oh, and by the way, your garden is great! It’s amazing what you can not do to plants and they still grow. I have over watered, under watered, over fertilized, and under fertilized and they STILL grow. Plants are little miracles.

  24. I hear ya but it sounds like your handling the time limitations like a champ! Today I had a thought I’m sure would make others snarl at me if they heard me say it but here it goes anyway (since you were on the subject)… I have plenty of time but I just don’t do much with it. I’m taking it easy and I’m cool with that right now.

    Your garden is looking good! BTW, I found out a planting trick about cilantro but you might already know it, plant seeds every 7-10 days during your growing season (which I will assume is year-round where you live) so that you always have a fresh bunch. It tends to get tall an thin and not so good if you plant it all at once (and don’t use it all quickly).

  25. I’m with you! I’ve been wasting plenty of it lately, but I’m trying to make adjustments.

    Love your garden – glad you made time for it.

  26. My dad has always said to me “If you want something to get done, ask a busy person to do it.” I will say, that now that I have my 3 kids (ages 8, 6, & 3) and so little “spare” time, I am able to accomplish so much more, and ‘almost’ exactly what I want. I feel like I received my honorary masters in Logistics when #3 was born. It feels very good to be productive… or unproductive, when it’s my choosing. Though I will say, that I occasionally wish that I had another pair of arms. Now, then we’d really be moving!!
    Popcorn is really just busy food anyhow. It’s really for people who need sometime to do with their hands. I never really liked it, and it gets stuck in my teeth.

  27. POPCORN IS EVIL!!!! LOl, it is my favorite all time snack!!!! How can a person go to the movies WITHOUT IT! 🙂

    That said, when I do get into a movie theater in the states, (rare these days) I have to say, that I do notice that people seem to be very, ahem, loud eaters. Maybe it’s the darkness???? 🙂

  28. Sometimes I wish there were more time in the day, but then I realize I wouldn’t be a better person if I just added one more hour of (insert passion here – ie, sewing, watching Top Chef, running). We just must make the best of what we have, as you said. You’re going to be ripped after a few weeks with 10 hour workouts!

    P.S. I love popcorn. I can’t help it. 🙂

  29. Kelli, you’ve hit exactly one of my own concerns, the concept of time. I’ve not been doing very much crafting lately because there are so many other things I want to do and learn. I’ll make stuff when I want and do other things when I want. I took a blogging break because I was wearing myself out trying to do everything on the planet. Time has become, for me, more a way of celebrating new things as I discover them without planning out every detail or scheduling it into my day. I can return to other interests as I so desire. Today, I’ve spent the entire morning and some of this afternoon researching on the Internet; research is one of my favorite things. I’m grateful to have the blessing of this day to just spend the time happily working my way around the virtual world.

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