Flop Flop Flopperoo

February 25th

The pie wasn’t good. The crust, while it looked chocolaty and yummy, was in fact dry and pretty gross.

pie and Oscars

My friends were still good sports about it, thankfully.

happy camper

I know they love me because they didn’t wince, laugh or roll their eyes when I announced mid-dessert, “I need to blog this. Will anyone mind if I take photos?” Not to mention, they ate the pie. Bless their hearts.


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10 Responses

  1. Not so tasty? The recipe and photos look great. Don’t give up – make a few tweaks, then I’ll bet this pie will be delicious!

  2. But it looked so delicious!

  3. I fully blame the whole grain chocolate crust. The words “whole grain” and “chocolate” don’t go together, somehow, for me. Well, kudos to you for trying!

  4. Bummer! It looked like it would be yummy. Did it use regular whole wheat flour because that can be very heavy? You could try whole wheat pastry flour which is lighter.

  5. Seriously?! Man, that blows. It looked sooooo good. I was sitting here thinking, “Wow, Kelli’s onto something. It’s got bananas and whole grains, so it’s more like a multivitamin than an actual dessert…” Ah, well. Sorry it didn’t turn out stupendous.

  6. I guess you’ve already said you’re not crazy about the banaynays/baneenees/boonoonoos (which I Like to Eat, Eat), but Weight Watchers has a recipe for a crazy good faux banana cream pie that’s made with, I don’t know, pudding mix or something. It isn’t whole grain, and it might involve fake sugar, but it’s so good I can eat a whole one in a sitting.

    Which maybe defeats the purpose. Anybody out there in WW who can get me a copy? A friend emailed it to me once and I’ve misplaced it.

  7. My boys would eat it up!!! You’ve got some great friends their!

  8. Darn it, it looked yummy though! You get an A for effort Kelli.

  9. It’s hard not to like bananas and cream, even if the crust is a little dry! Your friends look like they were loving it!

  10. Maybe they didn’t roll their eyes and ate it coz it wasn’t soooo bad after all! Give it a next try.