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October 7th

Gallo Blanco

There are nights I dream of Gallo Blanco’s tacos.

Just kidding about the sex. But since you’re here…

One of my goals for 2011 was to be better about tracking expenses. I spent September intentionally using only debit, and Mint to categorize where my expenses landed.

Needless to say the dining slice of the pie was ala mode.

apple pie for Rex

hi! I’m unfashionable pie. Somebody give me a scoop already.

Nothing makes me feel more disgusted than throwing food away. It’s disgraceful. In an attempt to be better about both controlling silly food related spending and reducing food waste, I requested the advice of friends on Facebook/Twitter.

There were a variety of clever ideas, with one central theme: make soup. Save what you don’t use and throw it in a pot and clean up your fridge regularly with a hodgepodge soup. Also, plan. My friend Stacey provided an ideal solution. Her two-week food planning Google doc tracks groceries and meals. It makes you sit down, look at your calendar and appropriately schedule meals, and related shopping.

Pumpkin apple chestnut soup

mmmm… soup. Likely to use this roasted squash recipe to clean up what’s left of the gourds in the garden.

I love it.

Earlier this week I set up 2.5 weeks worth of meals, leaving ample room for eating out (with friends in town, this is a certainty), and the chance to cook one fancy new recipe that requires speciality ingredients. These will both help me stick to the plan. Then I cut coupons. For less than $150, I purchased enough food to cook 8 large dinners (to feed 4+), breakfast and lunch. I also restocked my trifecta of bad habits: Diet Coke/coffee/chardonnay. There are leftovers scheduled too. (Those who say “I don’t eat leftovers” make me crabby. There are 7 million children starving in the horn of Africa. Shut up and take the to-go box.)

Mexican meatloaf

The next couple of weeks include: Mexican meatloaf, arroz con pollo, BBQ, chicken enchiladas, prosciutto wrapped roasted pork loin, crock pot green chile and chicken pot pie.

So, here I am. The coupon-cutting meal planner who revels in Type A organization and budgets to the penny. In other words, I’m a raspberry beret away from becoming this woman.

The kind you buy at a second-hand store,




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10 Responses

  1. Kell,
    I’m interested in how the prosciutto wrapped roasted pork loin and the crock-pot green chile turn out. Good luck with the new cooking plan!


  2. Yum ~I”m trying to use my crockpot more~please share the green chile recipe.

  3. Where can I find the squash soup recipe? Yum.

  4. Juliann October 7, 2011

    I do not understand leftover-haters. I love cooking but even more, love not thinking about what to bring for lunch.

  5. Madelyn October 8, 2011

    Love me a food plan–not good at that….could you share your crock pot chili verde recipe?

  6. People who don’t eat leftovers are dumb. My mom used to make a soup she called “mish mash” that was literally an amalgam of Tupperware contents from leftover meals. And it was always delicious!!

    I like your budgeting and food planning idea. I might have to take that page out of your book.

  7. I do not understand the leftover haters. I was raised on leftovers and love them still. I consider it a “free” cooking night for me!!

  8. We spend a disgusting amount of money on food. What’s even worse is I know how to work the coupon system and I can’t seem to get back to doing it.

    There’s a girl at work that gets “grossed out” by leftovers. I told her she’s never really been poor than.

  9. Mmmm… soup! You might like to try my ‘Seven Mules’ soup a.k.a. pumpkin soup in Australia. Funny name, funny story as to how I gave it that name too. See for details and recipe.