For the Fall Pumpkin Crop

August 16th

African capulana baby blanket
backed with black velour -- super soft
perfect use for that zebra ribbon

Baby blanket off to some friends who met in Africa and are having their first baby this winter.

lemony joy
i may be watching olympics while i craft...
Phelps inspired gold medal onesie
African onesie
wrapped and ready for the mail

Olympic-inspired onesies for the many babies expected this Fall.

Tag Burb cloths
taggie burb cloths
taggie burp cloth

Taggie burp cloths and changing pads too. And yes, I am already talking about pumpkins. Fall? Could you please arrive a wee bit early this year? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.


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14 Responses

  1. Ooooh, such cuteness! I made a couple flannel baby blankets today but I didn’t see any fabric when I was shopping as cute as that African themed stuff you’ve got there!

  2. Very cute. Did you make all of these today!? Adorable baby gifts!

  3. Wow you are on a gift making rampage! Everything looks great!

  4. I love the lemon one. I’m curious about how you do your applique. It looks like the edges will fray when you wash it. Is that the idea? I’ve looked at several how-tos and it seems like on some of them the edges are supposed to fray and others they are not.

  5. wow, such pretty gifts and so productive. I just got a September magazine and saw all the Fall type recipies and wished a little, although I will miss my Summer fruit. Have a great Sunday. I am sure everyone will love the gifts.

  6. I am also ready for Fall – my favorite season, and a beautiful one in my part of the world. Lovely crafts!!

  7. it all looks really nice. what are the tags for?

  8. cute, cute, and super cute! you’re always working on something. your energy continually amazes me. wish you could bottle that up and send it to me!

  9. I’m always amazed at how much you get done, makes me feel like I’m slower than molasses. Anyway, I love these projects of yours as well as the wonderful fabrics you’re using.

  10. Autumn is my favorite season. But it’s also when I turn a year older, which is not my favorite.

  11. Tina in Duluth August 19, 2008

    How many hours are in your day, Kelli? 48? 72? You’re amazing! Nice work, cute fabrics & designs.

    Are you giving a tutorial on your applique? I’d love to know how to work on knits.

  12. Oh–ack! So adorable. I hope fall comes early to you, too!

  13. You know you are a true crafter when you are done with fall sewing projects in August. It’s only the crafty people I know that plan that far ahead.

    (I love the little ladybugs in the blue fabric.)

  14. I love that you keep ahead of the time you have.