Four Calling Birds

Latest Nudu completed

Latest Nudu completed

So, in the last two days I’ve learned some very interesting things from you…

1. We all have baking failures and some of you are so hungry for homemade goodies, you’d consider eating burnt chocolate chips off a pan with a spoon. Wowie. Let’s work on this. I see lots of improved baking in our futures.

2. You are sticker freaks. Who knew? Scratch & sniff, puffy, googly eyed, etc. I love it. The sticker book tutorial did not happen last night. Instead, I went caroling again. I will get it done this weekend, in time for anyone who wants to make a quick Christmas gift. I promise you the entire project will take less than 1hour. If you want to prep, get about 1/2 a yard of two types of cotton fabric, some ribbon and a box of wax paper. We’ll meet back here for sticker book class on Saturday.

Latest Nudu Completed

In the meantime, I’m so, so happy to have this nudu complete. I love working on these, and I swear I learn a little something every time. For example, this one? A bit greener than I thought. But the nubbies are getting closer to the actual size I’m looking for. You may also notice that fabulous scarf I’m wearing?


That’s a Finny original. She sent it to me several years ago for Christmas and I’ve worn the tar out of it. Got to love handknits that hold up.

Latest Nudu Completed

This baby has been shipped and received. Plus, the recipient even said he was happy and sending the other part of payment. These are huge improvements from the last one. Yet another perk of getting an official Etsy account next year — payment received before service.

One final point of humor I have to share. Out caroling last night with Rebecca, we were having a conversation about yarn. I told her I am currently working on one last scarf that is being knit out of baby alpaca yarn. It is so soft and gorgeous. (The guys at the bagel shop yesterday morning — where I was frantically knitting between bites — were commenting how sad and cold those baby alpaca must be running around the Andes, shaved slim.) In the middle of my alpaca story, Bec looks at me and says, “Isn’t that what they use to run up Everest for climbing teams?” To which I respond, “Um. No. Those are sherpa. And by the way, those are people.”

For whatever reason, this made us giggle like nut house escapees for about an hour. Got to love the end-of-the-season stress reliever.

Latest Nudu completed

Happy Friday!


P.S. Inquiries for Nudu caps: Email: africankelli at gmail dot com. I’ll be happy to create one of these for you. You pick the color and size. They cost $250 and take two months. They are entirely handmade. Thanks!

14 Replies to “Four Calling Birds”

  1. Links galore!
    So, you’re going to open an etsy shop next year? I think that’s going to be one of my new year resolutions…
    Funny story about the alpaca / sherpa mixup.
    Great hat!

  2. I had my own end-of-season stress reliever last night. My friend and I got together to knit, exchange gifts, chat and giggle. It was just what I needed after too many busy days!

    Kudos on the nudu, hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have never seen those hats before? Hmm, but you know me I don’t get out much. I love the green color, but the black one is really pretty!! (I like your smile in the last photo!!) I just discovered Etsy. Oh MAN!

  4. Some cool projects. Love em.

    Actually, I’ve been collecting stickers (in a book no less) since the 1980’s. Some of my stickers date from childhood in the 1970’s. One is a sticker I’d gotten in 4th grade I think it was, Johnny Horizon 1976, and I’d kept it. We got it in class.

    I also kept the stickers of Michael Jackson and his brothers that we found in the Cereak boxes way back when. I’ve got two stickers that are huge.

    I have to say though, I’ve not really collected in years, but I suppose in a way I’m still collecting to use the stickers I now buy for scrapbooking. lol. I suppose I should start saving my stickers again and add more to my collection. And yep, I have quite a few old scratch and sniff ones that have plenty of scent to them.

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