Fourth Day of Christmas

December 17th

Fourth Day of Christmas

I wish for creativity.

I received these sweet pillow shams in the Secret Santa Swap. Yep. We are still a week from Christmas. Yep, I tore into that package as soon as I saw it and they are already on my bed. I’ve never been known for my patience.
These beauties came from Kate. She spied my Mighty Mighty Lumberjacks quilt at the foot of my new bed and made them to match. So crafty!

Fourth Day of Christmas

I wish creativity for the New Year. That we may look at all facets of our lives with fresh eyes and energy and make changes where necessary and praise where they are not.

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6 Responses

  1. What a beautiful and caring gift, Kelli! She did a marvelous job.

    Your creativity wish is quite right and I wish it, too,

  2. How wonderful that your friend duplicated your quilt pattern in pillow shams. I second the wish for creativity, and would add that one of the great joys in creating is sharing what we make with others.

  3. wow lucky you! That’s a great gift!

  4. Those are gorgeous!!!! And I am so impressed that she noticed the quilt that you already had, and did such an amazing job of replicating the pattern….


    May we all have a happy and creative new year…

  5. Kelli, You rock! I love your Days of Christmas blogging. Very inspiring!