Foxes, Raccoons, Bees and Squirrels

tree, backyard

Saturday I spent several hours working outside, and met a couple of the neighbors. Two men who live down the street stopped to chat. They both laughed when I talked about the chicken coop.

Hydrangea bush

“To feed the foxes? Whatcha wanna do that for, chica?” Clyde thought my plan was hilarious. Me, playing Mother Goose to a coop of urban chickens. Rudy just smiled, watching me flush red with a quick Irish temper. Apparently I have a small forest animal zoo who’ve long lived in my backyard. Foxes? Raccoons? Well. I hadn’t planned for that little speed bump. Chicken coop plan A is temporarily on hold.

Hive, backyard

As for the bees, the giant tree in the backyard is home to a significant hive. I’ve got an arborist visit scheduled  this week, and worst case scenario they’ll be sucked out by bee folk and transferred to a hive south of Denver. I’d love to keep them around. They have worked hard to create their little home and they’d be great for the garden.

I leave them alone, they leave me alone. One can hope.

Kitchen windowsill

Thankfully, the Heirloom Homestead is otherwise well underway.

Curtain hung above my kitchen sink:

Japanese curtain

Kitchen sink

Garden boxes planted, with a compost pile, potager a few indoor herbs:


Bedrooms unpacked, closets organized, kitchen ready for a dinner party:

Kitchen table

This week my project list includes: hanging art, buying a few remaining pieces of furniture and I’ve got big plans for my tiny front porch (including the rare purchase of spray paint.)

front porch, before

There are also change-of-address cards that need to be posted, and curtains that need to be sewn for the bedrooms and office.


And perhaps most exciting of all, a dog. After so many years of talking about the addition to my family of 1, a pooch will be rescued this week from the local shelter. (Those poor foxes and raccoons!)

A busy week at this little home on the prairie in the shadow of the Rockies,



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  1. Yay! A pooch! Can’t wait to come see the new place and meet the newest addition to your family.

  2. Sounds like you’ll be learning how to make a secure chicken coop soon lol. Did you end up buying or renting? Can’t wait to see your new family member 🙂

  3. So exciting!! I love hearing about how your “new life” is shaping up.

    Yes, my friend in Loveland just lost the last of her rabbits to a fox. A fox, in the suburbs?! Who knew?

  4. I highly recommend getting a rescue dog from the shelter. My first dog was a schnauzer that I rescued and I had her until she was 15 and everyone loved her. Last Sept. I adopted a 3mo. old Boston Terrier mix who was abandoned at age 8 weeks with a broken tail. She loves everyone, is always happy to play, loves long walks and I love her so much. Good luck!

  5. Fox-proofing the coops was a major discussion point in the Tour d’coop I recently went on. There are ways to discourage them from snacking on your chickens.

  6. Hooray,Hooray, it’s almost dog day!!!!! Elvis would be so very proud. Please post pics ASAP! If you think relocating to CO was life changing just wait until you get that dog, it’s going to be amazing. Congrats to you on this next step. Is it ironic that I might have spied our newest four legged family member over the weekend too? I am thrilled for you!

    1. I too am ridiculously excited for you for getting a dog! Can’t wait to meet him/her. And as for the chickens—all you need is a coop with a covered run and good security when they’re tucked in for the night. Ignore the nay-sayers! They’ll be admiring you when you don’t have any ticks in your yard and can bake with the best eggs you’ve ever tasted!

  7. Those hydrangeas are AMAZING! We seem to only have pink or blue ones here (something to do with the acidity/alkalinity of the soil, and you can add the relevant stuff to the soil to make them pink or blue – they are the litmus paper of flowers!)

    Shame about the foxes and the chicken plans. But great news about the dog.

  8. Love hearing about your new life in Colorado! You sound very happy! Can’t wait to see photos of the new dog. I want one so bad….maybe in the Fall.

  9. Isn’t it exciting to build a new home? I know that’s a lot of hard work too, but a rewarding one, right?
    Please, don’t forget to send me your new home address, will you? Thanks.

  10. I have lived in Golden my entire life. I have never heard anyone call a woman “chica” in this city. Interesting how you editorialize the things that people say and do to fit your own view of Colorado. Go back to Arizona where you belong.

    1. Sounds like you need to get your ignorant butt out of Golden once in a while, Albert. Maybe you can gain some perspective on love, respect, and (if you’re lucky) having a life.

  11. Looks lovely so far. I love that kitchen curtain, so delicate and the flowers match exactly. I didn’t mail that item yet but I’m gonna, it’s sitting right here.

  12. Albert is a douche. You, on the other hand, are lovely & fabulous.

    I’m enjoying your posts on your new life in CO!

  13. Wow! I love your kitchen curtain! So cute. That’s quite a tree in your yard too. As for mean Albert, mean, mean Albert and his condescending comments, he needs to get a heart.
    Love you,
    Your Mother

  14. wow. get a grip Albert. Kelli I love the curtain! And the flowers on the table are devine.

  15. So….no one in the entire city of Colorado says the word Chica? Ever? Hmmm. What about signora? Femme? Mujer? RUDE?!

  16. Kelli if a chica is a woman whom you take pride in knowing and Albert doesnt think anyone in Colorado is worth knowing, well that says it all. Poor Albert, he doesnt get out much does he….

    You hold your head high chica!

    In Arizona, in Colorado or anywhere else in the world, I am glad I know you!

  17. Alrighty all — no name calling. Albert is entitled to his opinion. He doesn’t have to love me. Even though! Albert! I wish I could give you a plate of homemade cookies and CHEER YOU UP ALREADY.

    And to the rest – thank you. You are wonderful. xoxo

  18. I just don’t get it…why waste time on someone’s blog to be a big, fat jerk about a scenario you didn’t even witness?

    Let’s hope Albert gets a real life soon. Bless his heart.

    The house is looking lovely, Kelli. 🙂 I hope to share a drink with you in it sometime.

  19. Kelli: you continue to amaze me with your spirit and respect for all – even those that may not reciprocate that respect. I hope you know that the majority of Coloradoans would be able to relate to your story and would love it. I adore you, chica – must be my NM side coming through… 😉

  20. Eres una “chica” increíble – ¡no dejes que nadie te diga que no! A ver se esas galletas lo hacen cambiar de idea… 🙂

  21. Lovely!! I hope you include me in your change-of-address plans. 🙂

    Looks like you’re making your new space into a home. I couldn’t be happier for you!

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