Frenetic Friday

May 1st

Matty turns 25!

Today, Matty turns 25. I have a feeling this is going to be a big year for my Zim/Malawian/Aussie friend. Fingers crossed, he’ll make it through PGA qualifying school and on the tour. He’ll establish himself in America and create a beautiful new life here. I really truly love his friendship. It has been such a blessing having him come to live with me in Tempe and I hope he is here for a long time.

Hippie Recycling

Creative wrapping

{Meeting a friend this morning for coffee and I needed a container for cupcakes. Why not a Birkenstock box? Pretty sure this is the zenith of hippie domesticity.}

Tomorrow, I’m throwing him a small bbq with all of his favorite foods and new American friends. The menu is ridiculously scattered: meatballs, guacamole, raspberry margaritas, angel foodcake with strawberries and his favorite — “fluffy” chocolate cupcakes. (The secret is sour cream.) I suppose I should find some vegetables to add to the menu too. And maybe beer brats?

April Domestic Bliss 2009 106

April Domestic Bliss 2009 107

Meghann also celebrated a birthday this week. I’m telling you, I could not be more thankful for this woman. Our friendship has remained a constant for 15 years and not only do I consider her as close to a sister as I’ve got, but her family is a second to mine too. Her dad is my financial planner. Her mother is my romance adviser. Her husband is my confidant. Her little boy Roscoe leaves me speechless with his adorable curls and bright blue eyes. Meg and I talk several times a week and have the type of friendship that when one of us is out of balance, we don’t hesitate to speak up. Of all things for her birthday, she wanted a table runner. Dipping into my limited African fabric supply was a pleasure for this project. Apparently she just bought new cushions on a nearby couch that match perfectly, and so the table runner was a success. I’ve got to get out to California to visit this sweet family soon. Her husband — Scottie — is one of my favorite people. He’s super smart, works in a lab, plays the drums like a rockstar and loves Meghann fiercely. What more could you ask for a best friend?


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11 Responses

  1. Doesn’t guac count as a vegetable?
    Happy, happy birthday Matt!

  2. Happy Birthday Matt and Meghann! Love the table runner. All your creations (in the kitchen or at the sewing maching) are always so nice.

  3. Mmmmm (Homer gurgle…) Beer Brats….

  4. Birthday wishes all around!!!

  5. Meghann May 1, 2009

    Thanks Kelli. My beautiful table runner is just one of the many many incredible things you have done for me and OUR family. We love you, and are just as blessed to have you in our lives as you could possibly be for putting up with us. Yes….get out here soon!

  6. The table runner looks fabulous, as do the cupcakes! Have a great night/weekend.

  7. Tina in Duluth May 1, 2009

    Those are the best looking birkenstocks I’ve ever seen!

  8. love the tablerunner…and LOVE the cupcakes! Looks yummy!

  9. I love tablerunners, I can see why she would want one…especially one as pretty as that one. Happy birthday to her and Matty!

  10. Good to catch up with Kelli. All your cooking endeavors look wonderful! I am sure they taste just as good. Love your community garden efforts. Sorry I didn;t get seeds off to you. That was my intention but time seems to be flying by even more so lately. Love the table runner. Thinking fo you.

  11. What wonderful ways to celebrate special days for your good friends. I’m now dreaming of sour cream cupcakes… is there any food that can’t be improved with a bit of sour cream?