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November 19th

So, not to be too much of a corporate hack that drinks the Kool-Aid, but I attended a Fresh & Easy event last night for a handful of media folk in the Valley, and while I’d love to come at this review without a bias — no such luck. It was so, so great. More than once, I asked my dates — Juliann and Mariah, “Are we in a movie?”

Fresh & Easy Event in Phoenix

From the location (penthouse patio of a building downtown in the most perfect weather of the year) to the food (three types of wine tasting, platters of delicious appetizers and desserts) to the bag of schwagg they sent us home with.  I felt like a rock star who gets to go to the Emmy parties and comes home with bags of goodies.

Fresh & Easy Event in Phoenix

Fresh & Easy Event in Phoenix

Fresh & Easy Event in Phoenix

Fresh & Easy Event in Phoenix

And of course Juliann won the wine raffle. How much more perfect could the night have been?

Fresh & Easy Event in Phoenix

I loved that Mariah’s first review of the bag of food they sent us home with was, “REAL VANILLA! Oh, man. I LOVE vanilla!”

Additionally, I swear Allison and Stephanie — who work for F&E in Los Angeles and flew out for the event — would be part of the dinner party gang if they lived in Phoenix. They are totally down to earth, love their jobs and were so fun to spend time with.

Plus, now I want to live in a penthouse apartment in downtown Phoenix so I can have dinner parties with flutes of prosecco and platters of appetizers. Or at least be able to throw a party like that once in my life!


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3 Responses

  1. Very cool! (Fresh & Easy as in the store that I oh-so-love!?!)

  2. We had a Fresh & Easy one block away, but we moved last weekend. I sure hope we get one in our new neighborhood soon. I love it. They are visually simple stores. Clean and neat without too many choices. I can do so much shopping in just a few minutes. LOVE their chicken ravioli too.

  3. Sadly, no Fresh & Easy in Colorado! 🙁