Fresh Orange Cake

Fresh orange cake stays moist and yummy for several days after baking, thanks to the additional eggs, oil and orange juice added to the cake mix. This is one of my favorite recipes from “The Cake Mix Doctor;” yet another cookbook staple at my house. I bake cakes about once a week, for my coworkers, friends at the gym, and even the guys who play poker at my bagel shop. Everyone knows I love to bake, including my friend Rebecca. She gave me a CAOK gift of my own last week — sweet new Kitchenaid baking molds in the shapes of flowers. One of the tricks of baking cakes for so many people is finding such molds; then you don’t have to fuss with plates and napkins and serving utensils. You just wrap up your little individual treats, or place them on a pretty serving platter, and away you go.
To continue the CAOK Week 5, FOOD! extravaganza, I give you fresh orange cake tulips and lemon cake daisies:

plate of flower cakes

These were an awkward shape and number to arrange on a round platter, but you get the idea.

Daisy close up

I glazed these with a mixture of confectioner’s sugar, fresh orange juice and orange zest.

neighbor's plate

This Easter dessert combo platter was a gift for my neighbors. We keep swapping treats. I don’t have the heart to tell them I’m not eating sweets right now, but my Girl Scout troop is thoroughly loving their generosity.

Do you have any special Passover/Easter/Spring traditions in your family? Is there anything special you’re cooking?


7 Replies to “Fresh Orange Cake”

  1. Passover baking = ew. No levening means cookies, cakes and breads baked with matzo meal that weigh two tons and taste like cement. However, my mom’s matzo ball soup is SUPREME and I will consume gallons of it in lieu of pickled herring, gefilte fish and horseradish. Then I will have one hundred malted chocolate eggs and not tell my parents.

  2. I’ll have to make those orange cakes when Passover is done with. I’m making the Charoset (so yummy) and chocolate and caramel covered matzoh. My niece made it last year and it was awesome. My dad’s birthday always manages to fall during Passover so he never gets a normal cake. This year though I am making him a cheesecake with a crust. He’ll love it.

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