Fresh Start

December 30th

Kelli and Roscoe

This sweet boy is one of the many babies born in 2007 who I fell head over heels for. Roscoe William lives in LA and is one of many I hope will one day call me “auntie.” His mother and I have been close since we were girls. His father is a new friend, who I equally adore.
The innocence of a baby symbolizing the new year is simply perfect. You may not believe in resolutions or the hype we’re marketed this time of year, but I certainly believe in the power of a fresh start. It gives me new energy to believe in the many dreams I’m chasing after. I wish for us all, in 2008, that we may grasp those resolutions with both hands, pull them close, and refuse to let go until we’re covered head to toe with the abundant joy we’re seeking.
In other words, 2008 is going to rock.

{In the meantime, I’m headed to Mexico to start get la fiesta started. Hasta luego, amigos!}


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  1. Happy New Year, I hope for you in 2008 all your heart whishes for……

  2. Oh, just LOOK at him looking at you! What a little charmer! (Were you actually able to give him back?)

    Yes, indeed — here’s to 2008 and fresh starts!

    Happy New Year, Kelli!


  3. Oh he is a beautiful baby! I wish you a wonderful 2008 Kelli!


  4. Mexico? Woohoo! Happy New Year Kelli!

  5. Yeah!! to all that. I have such a great feeling about this year. Even though I’m not much for hard-core “resolutions”, I love the whole fresh start of the new year and all of the possibilities it has to offer. Come on, ’08!

  6. Happy New Years! And have fun in Mexico!!

  7. Happy New Year!
    Here’s to fresh starts and abundant joy!

  8. What a precious baby and such a special reminder of fresh starts in life. Have a wonderful time, dear Kelli, and a very happy New Year to you!

  9. Happy New Year to you as well! Your entries are always so inspiring.

  10. I know a lot of people ‘poo poo’ on new year’s resolutions, but I am one, like you, who embraces it. It’s a fresh start…it gives you hope.

    Have a fun time in Mexico, chica!!

  11. Lovely picture, and lucky baby to have such a warm and loving aunt. Best to you in 2008 and beyond!

  12. Feliz Ano Nuevo!

  13. Cheers to a happy and prosperous new year!

  14. What a wonderful baby!

  15. Hi there,

    what a wonderful blog you have, am glad I stumbled across it.

    Cheers to a fresh new start in 08′

    Adla at

  16. Happy New Year!

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