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February 5th

February Cookin' and Crafts

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and while many of you may roll your eyes at yet another meaningless Halmark holiday, I’m in the other camp — Camp Love. Valentine’s Day provides yet another chance to make and send great cards, let those you love read/hear/feel it, etc.  Not surprisingly, I have been known to go a wee bit love-y crazy for my friends and family.

This year, I’m thinking homemade, handmade and fantastically frugal. I’ve ordered a couple of used books online, have a stack of red sweets for my mama, recently practiced a new red velvet recipe, and have plans of sewing up some corazon-inspired cards this weekend. My Valentine’s day is going Mexican this year, with an emphasis on Frida, bold colors y mucho carino.

What are you working on for your sweetheart?

Leave a comment, or better yet a link with your project, and I’ll randomly select someone for one of my que Viva Amor! Valentine’s sewing projects.


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  1. Alright I doubt this will count but I am giving Mr. Bunny something he has been asking for for a VERY long time. I am watching Star Wars, I have NEVER watched any of them. This year I promised I will watch them with him, starting with the original once he’s out of work on V-day. The little bunnies are getting a fab breakfast, and a day of crafting whatever they like for daddy. Unfortuantely I’m not doing anything spectacular this year.

  2. I am taking him to Portland to look at airplanes! And I’m going to Powells bookstore.

  3. The husband has been asking for a nice wooden box for his pocketknife collection (whatever) so I’m ordering one from etsy, as woodworking is a bit beyond my crafting abilities!! He also wants a rice pack thingy like this: and I should really make one for each boy as well. (would be nice to take to bed after checking lambs in the barn, brrrrr) I’m also hoping to knit up a couple of these if I have time….

  4. I have a photo of this cake that I found one someone’s blog and I’ve been searching all morning for its owner so I could link to it, but, alas, I cannot find it. So I can’t post the link, but it’s a simple two layer vanilla cake with pink whipped cream and strawberries oozing out the middle layer and on top. I’m baking that for my best friend for Valentine’s Day. I wish had the link! I can’t adequately describe it.

  5. If all goes according to plan, cards and cupcakes are on the docket for distribution this year. And if I really want to knock my Love’s socks off, I’ll *really* clean the house. (Wouldn’t some conversation hearts do instead?)

  6. Love that cake.. it’s beautiful!! I have been doing some sewing, I am making Gabbie’s a tissue holder, pen pouch and money holder set ( similar to the one on my blog but in pinks and reds with an appliqued heart! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you sew up!! 🙂

  7. Beautiful cake! I am sooo behind, travel for work just throws me for a loop these days. I still have to make cards, and for my sweetheart, um, well I got nothing yet. Movie night sounds good. We are on the frugal path this year too, any ideas? anyone?

  8. Fabric fortune cookies!

  9. kelli, you are so good. so so good.
    a red velvet cake might be just the thing. last year i made the cake man raven’s recipe but found it a wee bit too rich, if such a thing is possible. i’d love to hear about your recipe!

  10. I’m going to help my granddaughter learn the art of homemade gifts. We are going to make handprint calendars for her mommy and daddy, the other gramma and grandpa, and a special aunt. Here’s the link:
    (I’m also making them with my kindergarten class)

    For my hubby and my family, I always do a romantic red and white dinner. I request them to wearing red, the table is adorned with red and white decorations (scarves, candles, heart stemware, blown glass hearts, and anything else i can find) I usually serve red and pink items such as salmon, pasta dish with marinara, red pepper salad, and so on. The desert: White Pavlova covered with choc. dipped and plain strawberries. I’ll probably make some choc. truffles with pink and red sprinkles. Hmmm, I might have to make that beautiful dessert brownie with raspberries that you show. Great idea, and simple!

  11. Ah no big plans here…we will be up north with my fam. We are going to dinner as a group at a great resort in Northern Michigan. Rory gets the treats in this house. She has really wanted “hot pink mickey mouse crocs” I know, right? So we will likely get those for her, since they are officially cute on a 2 year old. Hope you have a happy V-Day. I will send you my Gram’s Red Cake Recipe, it is YUMMY!

  12. Those heart-shaped cakes are too cute! Yum. I made homemade Valentine’s cards at our Jan. Craft Night. No big plans though. I think Bub and I will use a restaurant gift card for dinner and maybe see a movie. It will likely be a low key weekend.

  13. First of all that photo is making me drool! Secondly I am with you in the love camp. I think any holiday that helps people remember those they love is a holiday I can celebrate with gusto!

    Glad I am not the only one! 🙂

  14. Looking at that cake is making me hungry! We’re going to be spending Valentine’s Day at the wedding of some friends, so all my crafting energy has been channelled into their gift, which you can see a picture of here (it’s the afghan at the top of the post):

  15. You have inspired me. I am going to make something yummy for my honey of over 42 years this year.

  16. We made sailor’s valentines and it will be flourless choc. cake for us after the boys go to bed…ooooo, la, la.

  17. It seems like forever since I’ve commented. 🙂
    Brady and I are having a quiet Valentines. Probably just dinner and a movie…most likely at home. I guess to be on the cheesey side, you could say we made each other a baby.

  18. My lovin’ craft plans were knits & cards – since they have all been received, I could finally blog them last night:

    I’ve enjoyed watching all your craftin’ love projects unfold – such great sweet treats!