Frida Stamps

June 29th

For those who inquired about the Frida Kahlo rubber stamps I have been using — I bought them in Santa Fe at a small shop near the central square. They are from A Stamp in the Hand Co., in Carson, California.
I have also seen them in Bisbee, Ariz., at a small antique shop. Next time I head down there, I’ll put up a note for anyone who wants one (which seems like many of you! Isn’t Frida the best? Love her!)


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4 Responses

  1. Cool! I was wondering if you had made the stamp or not. I have been curious about making stamps (I love stamps) because it’s not easy to find really cool stuff. Did you get the day of the dead stamps there too? Those are neat!

  2. Thanks so much! Frida really is the best.

  3. Did you get that skull stamp from the same post at the same spot you got the Frida stamp?

  4. Thanks Kelli, I’ll be in line, be sure, I just love those stamps to make my notes more personal!