Fruity Fabrics

I found my crafting mojo, tucked between a couple gallons of mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer. After a tug or two of sweet Dreyer’s bliss, and a nice glass of shiraz — my new favorite summer beverage — I returned to my studio. My June birthday list isn’t nearly as long as July’s, but nonetheless, it needed some crafty attention.

Covington Bags, #2-3:

Covington 3
Covington 3, with lining
Covington 2
Covington 2, lining

I used ribbon on these instead of the suggested fabric for the ties. I do like the ribbon, but need a thicker grossgrain for the next batch.

For June’s Project Spectrum, I kept to the fruity fabric theme and whipped up my next batch of wristlets:

Fruity wristlets

I just love this fabric. I purchased it last summer in Guadalajara and wish I had taken the entire bolt home with me.

Fruity fabric

Tres blue, non? Check out other blue Project Spectrum entries here.

What are you working on this summer?


10 Replies to “Fruity Fabrics”

  1. Oh the fruit fabrics are FABULOUS! So fun & summery. Can you suggest a good Shiraz? I have had some great ones & some not so great ones. My old roomie is coming into town tomorrow evening for the weekend. I’d like to have some good wine on hand!

  2. I have been coming to your blog for quite some time but haven’t had the nerve to comment until now. I just have to tell you that your creativity is inspiring. Your travels also make me want to jump up and down and scream “me too, me too”. Keep it up. I love living vicariously through you.

  3. love the bags and wristlets!

    the fruit fabric on both is great! how summery and fun! (the fabric on the wristlets is so cheerful. how can anyone not be happy when looking at those!)

  4. Again – kudos to your craftiness! Who knew it was hanging out with the ice cream…heh heh…

    My crafting has slowed as it’s summer and garden needs constant weeding (which it’s not getting…ahem…)… I am working on a baby blanket (knit) and am toying with my first quilting project. I’m nervous though as it’s something I haven’t tried and I dont’ want to plunk down a bunch of $$ only to realize 1) I don’t have the $ to plunk right now and 2) I suck at it! ha.

    I am also busily editing weddings for other people and planning my own. My new mentee likes to do crafty things though so maybe I can combine mentoring time + crafting! Wheeeeee!

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