Garden Salad

April 22nd

garden bounty, april


We are now planning meals by what we can pick out of the garden, which is one of those silly life things I’ve always dreamed of doing and am thrilled it is happening. (Do you have those? I’ve got this list in my head of milestones and eating seasonally is definitely one of them.) The beets and onions are in. (The carrots came from the market.) For Saturday lunch with family, I roasted these with a bit of olive oil and sea salt.

garden bounty, april


We picked the greens and the first few tomatoes, boiled a couple duck eggs I had on hand and added strawberries and feta. I made a mustard vinaigrette and we had salmon burgers on the grill. It was a great use of what was ready to eat.

garden bounty, april


And now, we dig into zucchini season. I used 1/3 of this baby to bake muffins for the week. We are going to be up to our ears in vegetables in the next month!

(I’m most excited by the pickling cucumbers that are thriving. I’ve never canned pickles before.)


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  1. I love pickling cucumbers!!! It is so much easier than one imagines!

  2. You gorgeous veggie-geek you!