Garden Spoils

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Goof ball in her element

I took back a return to REI yesterday and instead got this great hat. I’ve wanted a new hat for a while, but have been mindful of spending. Thankfully with the exchange, I got this dandy cap and a new blouse for $6. Woo! After Juliann, a friend and librarian, read the post yesterday — I realized the books I wanted were at the Phoenix Library, saving another $30.  Thank you for your detective work, J! I had a complete stamp card for the book I did purchase, costing exactly nothing. Double woo!


Remind me of pom poms

More flowers

With new accessories, I headed out to the garden. After an $8 splurge on new flowers and seeds, I cleared out the remaining cilantro and onions to make room for a new batch of basil and eggplant. I swung through Starbucks for another giant bag of coffee grounds and fed the garden. My neighbor asked if I was brewing coffee.

Nope. That’s just the way my garden smells.

Future pumpkins

Reaching for the sky

And imagine my delight when I found the pumpkins are coming up nicely! Grow little babies, grow!


15 Replies to “Garden Spoils”

  1. Love the hat!! And wow to your sweet garden! We are planting some strawberries! Woo Hoo! Hopefully the dogs won’t eat them first. I just read a post about wood ash. It was very cool all the things you can use it for especially your garden.

  2. starbucks that is what my garden is needing…….i need to take pics next week but my pepper and tomato plants took a beating from that wind yesterday.

  3. Starbucks – nice! The corporate giant helps the local backyard gardener. I’m going to hit up my local spot. Great idea – thanks!

  4. Hi, Kelli:

    My kid is one.
    I like your hat!
    I owe you an email.
    My laptop cord is fried!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!

    My life is funny. So glad to read and see the beauty in yours!


  5. Yay for a great hat at a good price! I am embarrassed to say I didn’t know that about coffee grounds!! I had to go research it after reading you put them in your garden, now I’ll have to do it mine! Thankfully I drink lots of coffee so this should be easy!

  6. Great shopping; I love deals like that. Gives you things you need at a price you can feel good about. And your garden is looking really healthy. Maybe you’ve mentioned the coffe thing before, but I don’t remember it. I don’t drink coffee so am unsure as to what you actually do. Make coffee first and use the resulting grounds or some other process? What wonders does this do for the garden, add some sort of nutrients?

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