Garden to Table

I achieved one of my long-time goals yesterday and you’d think I’d won the domestic lottery:



Garden to table

Table set

Food from the garden to the table! Cilantro for the guacamole, to be precise. Yesterday I hosted a small staff happy hour at my house. For social acceptance purposes, I didn’t let anyone know how dang exciting it was that I was in part feeding them out of food I grew myself. Woo hoo!

As for the recipes for the photos I posted yesterday, I have to ask for your patience. I’m working on a new project that’s keeping me from sharing too much, but I hope to have them in your hands soon! Thanks for all the sweet comments. You know if you are ever in Phoenix, you always have a seat at my community dinners.



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  1. Hey Kelli! Happy Saturday Amazing Girl! Wow. You should totally be so proud. I can’t tell you how jealous (in a happy-for-you-wish-I-could-do-that-friend-sort-of-way) I am that you have grown a successful little garden AND served my absolute favorite savory spice to your guests (beautiful spread, by the way–both times). That is a dream of mine, but alas, we live in an apartment with very little balcony space. I am, however, very inspired by you (per the usual) and perhaps I, with my black thumb-LOL- will dip my toes into gardening with some lovely little clay pots this spring. I am such a country girl–one day I’ll have that little farm with acres and acres of fields and forest (and a fishing pond for my dad)…one day…but for now…clay pots. Thanks again for the inspiration, Ms. Kelli. Big hugs…

  2. apropos of nothing about home gardens (although what a happy garden victory, and yum yum yum! cilantro)(i am always surprised how so many people love it or hate it. i’m a cilatro lover, can’t get enough, i wish montreal gardens could grow cilatro in -30 C weather!). kelli, you once had a post about favourite books and everyone commented with recommendations …. i thought i bookmarked that post (save it for a rainy day) but it seems to have disappeared in cyberspace. do you remember approx when you made that post? it is time for me to haunt the library with a purpose and other peoples’ good taste in books (versus me just wandering around aimlessly and pulling out whatever looks good on the shelf.). i already tried ridiculous race but so sad, not avail in montreal libraries. yet! i’ll put in a request though. … merci beaucoup!

  3. How fortunate to be able to grow herbs during the winter. Living in the south limits any possibility for gardening outdoors. Yes, my part of the world has winters too cold for some types of gardening.

  4. I do know the joy – I had a whopping 2 tomatoes from my plant last year. We literally picked the first one when we had company and we each had a very small taste.

    Your cilantro is beautiful.

    I think I’ll book a flight to Phoenix!

  5. That’s exciting to cook from something you’ve grown. We’ll be in Phoenix for a whole half an hour between flights, is that enough time for dinner?:)

  6. Oh YUM.That all looks fantastic. You never cease to amaze me with your cooking and food presentation skills. I always enjoy seeing what you’ll cook up next. 🙂

  7. Congratulations! I’m just jealous that you can grow anything right now. I guess I need to start planning my garden for the spring thaw. =)

  8. I love picking stuff from my garden and sharing. It is so much fun! You did such a great job with your garden in your small space. I decided to grow some cilantro this year for the first time, too!

  9. YEah! Good job… that is what I am working on right now. I have got my indoor herb garden started indoors..waiting for them to pop up and plant them this spring!

  10. I want to start growing herbs and veggies, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. I tend to kill all green living things. Congrats, that is an exciting achievement for us domestic divas!

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