Garden Update

February 4th

The veggie garden grows


We’ve had a delightful amount of rain in the last week. The garden soaked up every drop, and things are green and blooming this week. Even those transplanted volunteer tomato starts have taken root and are blooming:

The veggie garden growsYay! Their younger siblings are taking root too, reaching for the sunlight. One more week until I venture to transplant a few of these into the earth (within their peat pots):

The veggie garden grows

The veggie garden grows


The beets are sprouting.


February 34 039


The leeks are too.

The veggie garden grows


And the beans are growing, climbing toward the trellis:

The veggie garden grows

Makes my happy little heart swell with joy. I can’t wait to see how this all works out!



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  1. Sigh…wish I had a green thumb!